Rates and prediction for Alexandria — Ghent, 3 October 2019

Quite an interesting match is expected on the lucky for the Ukrainian team the Arena Lviv, where the debutant of the group round of the Europa League “Alexandria” accepts Belgian “Gent”. Alexandria never before met with Belgian teams? still they don’t have so much European experience.

But Gent played against Ukrainian clubs 4 times and all those matches lost. However, earlier, “Ghent” across the giants of Ukrainian football Dynamo and Shakhtar stand a chance against the Belgians was a little. Will this “Gent” to win a more modest Ukrainian club?

The contents

  • Alexandria
  • Ghent
  • The coefficients and forecast


“Alexandria” is making its first steps in European competitions.

It’s only the third European campaign for this team and she managed to win in previous years only 1 victory against Romanian Astra.

Last season on “Alexandria” for the first time in history won the third place in the championship and it opened the door to the group stage of the Europa League. The debut was for the team is bad and “Alexandria” gave away “Wolfsburg” with the account 1:3.

But this does not mean that the Ukrainian team will not be able to tickle the nerves of the home. In the championship she again goes to the place on the 4th place, behind the second coming “Gums” of only 1 point.

But compared to the leaders of the “Alexandria” too many skips – 11 goals in 9 games. In the last round “Alexandria” beat the lions 2-0 without having to do unnecessary efforts, so that the condition of players before the match with “Gent” would be great.


“Gent” is the Ukrainian team of the Europa League, of course after Dynamo and actually “Alexandria”.

In the composition of the Belgian team play in 3 Ukrainians: Plastun, beardless and Yaremchuk and it is the latter which is of particular value for “Ghent” and the danger to the “Alexandria”.

The thing is that Yaremchuk played in “Alexandria” and no doubt told the coach Toropo about the state of Affairs in the team. The second reason to fear Yaremchuk is its performance. In 6 matches in the framework of European competitions he has scored 4 goals.

In the first round group stage “Gent” defeated “Saint-Etienne” with the score 3:2. Yaremchuk was not scored but a brace canadian David. He, by the way also has 4 goals in his asset.

“Gent” is also in their League victory, and with the same account as Alexandria is 2:0 won a “Kortrijk”. Thus Toropa team is in third place behind club Brugge by 3 points. Loss the Belgians there.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on the A2. “Gent” is much more experienced European fighter than “Alexandria” in the match with “Saint-Etienne” team showed that they are ready to fight for qualification from the group. Moreover, in 7 matches of the current European campaign “Gent” was defeated only once and won 4 victories. Most likely, the experience of “Ghent” will prevail and he will take away from Lviv 3 important points.