Rates and prediction for Akhmat — Spartak, 11 Aug 2019

Will complete the weekend in RPL duel “Ahmad” and “Spartacus.” Recently “Spartak” be able to travel to Grozny, while “Ahmad” in his field was known as quite a strong opponent and proved that including this season. Once in 3 away for yourself matches “Spartak” won “Ahmad” and not averse to extend this series for one more game.

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  • Ahmad
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  • The coefficients and forecast


“Ahmad” in this season took home games 6 points out of 6 possible, beating “Krasnodar” and “Orenburg”. But in away matches Grozny is absolutely not show, yielding the average performance of the championship “the ruby” and “Ural”, not scoring them any goals.

Last season “Ahmad” in his field though, and scored only 2 points more than away, but in Grozny, the team lost only three times while on the road as much as 7 times.

In a duel of last round with “Orenburg” for Grozny club finally debuted Glushakov. True, he played for his team in only 18 minutes. It is possible out on the pitch against Spartak is the main intrigue of this fight.

He spent many years in the camp red-and-white, and moreover was the captain of this team. Now he has something to prove Kononov and his former club. It is noteworthy that Glushakov in the second round last season, playing still for “Spartak”, he scored the ball into the goal of his future of the club and, of course, he is eager to score now, but the gate red-white.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t recovered from his injury, Rashid Rakhimov, most likely, will give him the opportunity to prove themselves in this match.


“Spartak” in the championship looks very bleak. Team Kononov defeated only Sochi, but this win was very much strained and it occurred due to judicial error. In the next three matches wards Kononov scored only 2 points, having divided points with “Rostov” and “Dynamo” and losing to debutant RPL “Tambov”.

In the match with “Dinamo”, “Spartacus” was lucky, as wards Kononov played in the minority with the 35 minutes after removal of Ponce and managed not to miss. As for Ponce, he is unlikely to be limited odnomatchevy disqualification.

In the middle of the week “Spartak” has managed to claim his first win in a month. It happened in the Europa League against “Thun”. The Russians won with difficulty 3:2 and his first successful action was marked by Schurrle, assistiram Bakayeva, when he scored the decisive third goal.

However, for some minutes before he Schürrle missed a penalty. Victory over Thun, of course, is a success for Spartak, but the Toon this season, played mediocre in their domestic League season and is composed of bright stars.

In addition, the match with the Swiss could seriously come back to haunt Spartak today in the fight against the “Akhmad”, as the red-white had just 3 days to prepare for this match, including two flights to Switzerland and the terrible. And this time the team Kononova may not be enough.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on “both to score”. “Ahmad” was playing on the home field, scoring in Grozny, all 3 of their goals this season. “Spartak” for the first time in the season scored three times, albeit in a gate mediocre “tuna”.

Now it is time capitals team to improve their standings in the championship, especially that in addition to Schurrle will be able to appear on the field two new acquisitions “Spartaka” Larsson and Thiel. Also the recommended rate was immediately in the last 4 meetings “Ahmad” and “Spartacus.” Will have goals in this match in both directions.