Rates and forecast for Brugge — Dinamo Kiev, August 6, 2019

Club Brugge and FC Dynamo Kyiv will start in the current League Champions. Despite the fact that both teams almost every year playing in the competition, between themselves, they never met.

Brugge played with Ukrainian teams 13 times and statistics in favor of the Ukrainians 4:3. Dynamo played with AA Gent, Genk and Anderlecht, winning only three times with 5 defeats.

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  • The coefficients and forecast


Brugge in the last 6 years alternated successful participation in the European Cup outright failures. So, in the seasons 2013/14 and 2017/18 the team failed to qualify for the Europa League.

At the same time, during this period, the team managed to play in the group stage of the Champions League and twice reach the knockout stages of the Europa League and, in season 2014/2015, Brugge completed their performances in the quarterfinals of the LE. In the Belgian championship club Brugge in the last 4 years alternates between the title of champion and Vice-champion, giving the primacy of “Genk” and the Anderlecht game.

New Belgium began in late July and there’s Brugge has managed to make a splash, scoring 9 goals in two games played rounds. If the “Waasland-Beveren” command of Philippe clément just won with the score 3:1, the “Sint-Truiden” was defeated with the score 6:0. Three of the 9 goals in the opening rounds scored band composed of Kele Okereke.

Compared to matches in the championship Clement will make one change to the composition, as Arno Grunewald has managed to sell in “Bournemouth” and on the flank appears Tau, perfectly proved themselves in the match with “St-Truiden”.

It is noteworthy that in the ranks of “Bruges” is two players who played against Dynamo in the Ukrainian League and can tell us a lot about him. It is primarily the player of national team of Ukraine Eduard Sobol play in his time in “Dawn”, “Metalist” and of course Shakhtar where he belongs and is “Bruges” in the lease. Also played in “the Dawn” midfielder Emmanuel Bonaventura.

Dynamo Kiev

“Dynamo” for two seasons in a row, can’t get into the group stage of the Champions League. Team was eliminated from the Champions League just at the stage of the third qualifying round and the playoffs.

Despite this, in the Europa League in these two seasons, the Dynamo have managed to get into the 1/8 finals. But the fans and the club want more and prolongation of the contract with the coach Khatskevich involves successful performance in the first place in the Champions League.

So far, his work this season deserve praise.

“Dynamo” has managed to lift the super Cup of Ukraine over his head, defeating his main opponent in the person of Donetsk “Shakhtar” with the score 2:1. In the championship of Ukraine Kiev won 2 victories in the opening two rounds of the teams on the Lviv “Karpaty” and “lions” being the only team in the Premier League without conceding a goal.

In the infirmary Dynamo was only Duelund, and in the match with Lviv on the field after a long injury returned Fran Sol. “Dinamo” has signed in the last days of beginner Gerson Rodrigues, who plays in the national team of Luxembourg.

The coefficients and forecast

The favorite of this match are the hosts. To win, “Bruges”, a rate of 1.90 Dynamo more than 4, although the passage into the next round of the Champions League odds on both teams are completely equal. I advise you to put on TB 2.

Both teams started the new season with a shock and effective. Brugge scored 9 goals in the two opening rounds, and Dynamo has not scored less than 2 goals in 2 League matches and the super Cup match. Worth the wait and now commands high-scoring game.

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