Betting and prediction on the match Denver nuggets — Cleveland Cavaliers, March 8, 2018

March 8, 2018 at 06.30 Moscow time at the Pepsi Center in Denver local nuggets will play against Cleveland Cavaliers. Recently I met the team and Denver in the away match won with a score of 126:117. Can Cleveland take revenge or Denver and the house will be stronger.

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  • The Denver Nuggets
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast

The Denver Nuggets

Denver currently occupies the 8th place in the Western conference and the team in the remaining matches to be entertaining fight for top-8 and the right to play in the playoffs. Optimistic fans will look at the prospects of this struggle, as Denver has won 6 of the last 9 matches. However tonight lost away the Dallas 107:118, failed the 3rd quarter 23-38. Generally with the protection of Denver there are problems and they for the whole season felt. On average the nuggets are missing to 107.7 and it’s 20-th result in the League. But with attack, we can say, all right. In an average match Denver is gaining 108,6 points. Is a good indicator is 8th in the League.

Noteworthy is the success of Denver on the home parquet. Impressive home result is 24 wins and 9 defeats. March for Denver will be very difficult. 18 March Denver will hold a 7-game guest series, which will play Memphis (15-th place West), Miami (8th place East), Chicago (12-th place East), Washington (5th place East), Philadelphia (6th place East), Toronto (1st place, East), Oklahoma (7th place West).

As you can see, most of the matches will be played either with teams within the leading group or teams also fiercely fighting for a place in the playoffs (like Miami or Oklahoma, for example). And the match against Oklahoma will generally be one of the key, since it’s direct competitors in the West in the fight for top-8.

In March, Denver has to play 12 matches and 8 of them will exit. So, for home games against the nuggets should be treated with greater seriousness.

Simply put, Cleveland in this match we need to win necessarily.

Concerning the performance I want to note that Denver is very good now rack up points coming off the bench Mason Plumley and will Barton. Especially Barton, who is in the region of 20 points in the last matches scores.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland 6th March beat the Detroit pistons 112:90, thereby interrupting his series of two defeats. Played amazingly the team leader LeBron James, who scored 31 points.

In recent games, LeBron James is steadily gaining 30 points against the Denver 25, Philadelphia vs — 30, vs Brooklyn — 31. In General, this season had an average of 26 points per game. That is, LeBron James is on the rise and has increased its average schedule of set points. Undoubtedly, in the upcoming match he will be one of the key figures on the floor.

Cleveland is one LeBron lives in the attack. Larry nance Jr., George hill, Jordan Clarkson consistently demonstrated excellent performance. And by the way these players came to Cleveland during the season and seems to have adapted to the new team, showing consistently high performance. And Larry nance Jr. was in the starting five in the game against the Detroit pistons.

It is no coincidence that Cleveland with his recruit on average of 110.1 points match are 5th team in the League by this measure. That includes Cleveland, the three leaders of the Eastern conference of the merit of their attacks. Because of the protection of Cleveland you can say no. To 109.8 points in average per match Cleveland allows opponents to throw in his ring. It is only 25-th result in the League.

In the composition of Cleveland there is a loss. First Kevin Love is in the disabled list, and on March 4 in the match against Denver Tristan Thompson was injured (sprained ankle) and will miss about two weeks. Forward Jeff green because of the pain in the back will miss another match at least.

Personal meetings

This season the teams met most recently, on March 4 and Denver on the floor of Cleveland was stronger 126:117. Defender Denver Gary Harris played a key role in the match. He scored 32 points.

Last season both matches turned out to be quite effective (as well as match this season) and both games were won by the hosts by a wide margin.
Denver — Cleveland — 126:113
Cleveland — Denver — 125:109

The coefficients and forecast

The bookies came out with the line in which Denver is a slight favorite. His victory offers Bq Marathon of 1.71, to win Cleveland’s 2,3. Total points 131 is exposed.

Denver with one hand beyond motivated now and home is powerful. Besides Cleveland have losses. But am a little confused by the fact that Denver will have to play the second day in a row. He had played in Dallas. Defeat Dallas on the other hand the level of motivation will raise more in the camp of the nuggets. In General, for them this match and the next home is extremely important. Indeed, in mid-March will begin hardest the 7-match exit.

Cleveland has the advantage that there was one more day of rest before this match. LeBron James is in great form and the newcomers have adapted and show a good performance.

Oh and not to note that both teams have a decent offensive line and defense play poorly. So for this match I would have considered the two rates. Definitely worth it in terms of betting is to look towards TB and motivated home Denver.

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