Betting and prediction on the match Dallas stars — new York islanders, December 24, 2018

Will we see this match a bright game in attack Segina, Benn and Radulov or again, the canons of reliability Montgomery will take his. Then we will see a tactical party protective teams. What to expect from this match can be found in the preview.

The contents

  • Dallas Stars
  • New York Islanders
  • The coefficients and forecast

Dallas Stars

Dallas in the Western conference is on the 10th place. There is still a lot of matches and of course to solve the problem of getting into the top 8 and as a consequence in the play-affitare possible. And this problem is solved and in timing and composition. SEGUIN, Jamie Benn, Alexander Radulov, Klingberg players of the highest level and if they are healthy and in good playing form, the “star” should be in the post-season.

What an amazing “Dallas” this season with regard to your sample though of the past two seasons, so it’s more reliable defensively. Very strange these words to talk about “Dallas”. Head coach Jim Montgomery wards requires maximum reliability in all episodes.

And requires, so that even SEGUIN and Benn too scared to do the stroke. For this reason, Dallas rarely plays most like removal of to make.

The implementation of most of them is not outstanding, 15th in the League. If we talk about other statistics, that “Dallas” became less aggressive in a strange area. In terms Corsi and 27th place in the League.

To add to this picture the transformation team Montgomery want data about abandoned and missed goals. These values are quite logical, nor beaten, nor abandoned, “Dallas” not exceeded one hundred — the only team in the Western conference.

New York Islanders

Speaking about “the Islanders”, then touch security. Came in the offseason, as head coach Barry Trotz began to put the team’s defense. It is quite logical. With the current composition, when in the offseason the only one of their top forward John Tavares was lost to organize an outdoor hockey fraught.

Naturally, the “islanders” of attacking the excess activity does not show. In terms Corsi 25th team in the League.

Good reliability indicators show both goalkeepers, Grice (92% of the reflected shots), and Lehner (91,7% of the reflected throws). Reliability goalies the islanders 4th team in the League.

Another statistic I would like to note, the efficiency of shots. He was with the islanders is very high and equals to 9.5%. This is a conservative value and I think he will start to fall. In General, the conditional measure of good luck PDO team at the 3rd place in the League with a value of 102. The norm is 100. This suggests that “islanders” takes more points than it had on the game. But due to too much is said above.

So, the current 9th place in the East can be considered a good position for the team Trotta, Barry although he certainly doesn’t think so.

And by the way the islanders also didn’t pass for a hundred values are neglected and missed. In the East these two teams, yet Carolina.

The coefficients and forecast

“Dallas” exhibited the favourites at odds of 2.0. It is logical, after all playing at home. The names of the owners of more loud. But just them against the team Trotta will not. So, in the direction of outcomes, I would not look in this confrontation. But the total can be considered. The strengths of both teams are mostly concentrated in defense. While total giving is quite high — 6.

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