Betting and prediction on the match Boston Bruins — Anaheim ducks, Dec 21, 2018

In this match will meet the fifth team from the East and West. This standing tells about the approximate equality of the teams. However, we believe that in this match there is still a favorite, and quite explicit.

The contents

  • The Boston Bruins
  • Anaheim Ducks
  • The coefficients and forecast

The Boston Bruins

Boston in December is on the calendar series. 3 defeats in a row gave way to 3 victories. Then 2 defeats was interrupted in the last round victory over arch-rivals “Montreal Canadiens”. And the victory was produced and became “dry,” with the score 4:0.

According to the above described logic, Boston should win the second match of miniserie. But the main aspect that lead to a possible victory “Bears”,of course, is not this the serial.

And the above mentioned jump they say about the instability of the game. It’s possible it is caused by the absence of first line centre Patrice Bergeron. In General, this trio of Marchand-Bergeron-pastrnak the strongest in the League. Last season she literally destroyed. But lack of depth in their lineup, allowing the team to get to the main title.

Although “Boston” this season according to many experts is among the League favorites. It is impossible not to agree. But only with a healthy Bergeron. And “Boston” it is a chance to get far in the Stanley Cup. Especially very good this season and Debrusk. The teams have a top goalkeeper , Tuukka Rask.

So, the emergence of Bergeron on the ice have not been forthcoming, so the Bruins will once again have to do without their leader. Fortunately, Krejci in the first link it successfully to replace. Compatriots Krejci and Pastrnak long good rapport on the ice was established. So, they are easily played in a trio. Well, Marchand it is always extremely dangerous. In General, the first three are still very cool.

After the important victory over “Montreal” at “Boston” would be 2 days rest and the team needs to be perfectly ready functionally, can not be said about the opponent.

Anaheim Ducks

“Anaheim” is on the 5th place in the Western conference and it seems well received. This team is usually the group leader is.

But if you look at other aspects prevailing in this season, but it may seem that climbed a tall Duck.

Well, let’s start with the fact that the team is full the infirmary since the start of the season. Moreover, in the infirmary, not the last people are.

Corry Perry is a long-term leader of the team and this season he has not played yet a single game.

Recall is the 3rd performance in the team in the past became a player in the first link.

IVS — this striker was included in the top-6 team.

Miller is the second goalkeeper who needs to replace Gibson.

Holzer, Fowler — stable defenders of the basic structure.

All of the above mentioned players are still out of the lineup due to injuries.

Indicators extended statistics “Anaheim” one of the worst teams in the League. In terms Corsi CF% 29-e a place.

This suggests that the team most of the playing time in their zone.

In terms of PDO Anaheim 4th in the League. This indicator shows good luck team and consists of the reliability of the goalkeeper and the effectiveness of shots.

It turns out — Anaheim is playing mediocre, but he is so lucky.

So, the current position in the table can be considered very successful.

Anaheim will play the 4th match in a row on the road for 6 days, which will adversely affect their operational readiness.

The coefficients and forecast

Now, Boston without Bergeron, but it successfully replaces Krejci in the center of the first link. Boston, though unstable at this stage of the championship, but has a squad of decent quality.

“Anaheim” has obvious personnel problems and pokazyaet not the quality of the game given the parameters of the extended statistics. Also, the “Ducks” are in tough away series.

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