And betting prediction for Colorado avalanche — Chicago Blackhawks, 22 Dec 2018

Rivals on the Central division will meet in this encounter. Matches of teams from one division always naponee additional emotions. Will this time wait special intensity on the ice. Well, let’s understand that betting the plane you can find highlights of this match.

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  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • The coefficients and forecast

Colorado Avalanche

In recent years, we used to watch Colorado in the bottom of the table, and “Chicago” in the lead. This season everything is turned on its head, relative to the above-described concept. Now Colorado is looking at “Chicago” from top to bottom. But the problems of “Chicago” we will explain below, but for now let us dwell on the reasons for the success of the “avalanche”.

To stop these guys few and it is rarely possible for the season. Three Mikko Rantanen — Nathan MacKinnon — Gabriel Lindeskogprobably the best in the League at this point in time.

Look at the top 10 most productive players this season.

Rantanen we can see at the top of the top, and McKinnon immediately behind it. By the way, Lindeskog in the top ten we do not see, but he’s not so far from her — on 12-m a place.

Lindeskog, by the way, the leader of the League in terms of plus/minus with a value of +21.

It should be noted that implementation of the majority in the performance of “avalanche”. Thumbs way hockey players “Colorado” used numerical advantage. In 28% of cases, the puck is in gate of the contender, which is 3rd in the League.

And of course in this component of the game, we again see Rantanen and companies in the leading roles.

This match Colorado ends 4-match home series in which so far 2 wins and one defeat. Before leaving does not hurt even a little to strengthen its position in the top 4 of the conference.

Chicago Blackhawks

2010, 2013, 2015 — I know that for years? This gold dates “Chicago Blackhawks”, it was in these years the team has won the Stanley Cup. Extremely serious achievement in today’s highly competitive hockey, which was formed in the NHL to win 3 trophies in such a short period of time.

All the heroes of these victories still in the squad. There is, however, one caveat — they upped the age from this faster and more did not. And after 3 cups, some veterans need a little motivation. They have to play quietly and to retire, not to chew on the ice for the awards.

Keith, Seabrook, Patrick Kane, Jonathan toews, Martens — all of them have 30 or more. Kane and Toews still OK, but others already stand no criticism. Keith and Seabrook have become very slow, especially the latter. Here and break the defense “Chicago” rivals on a regular basis.

136 goals against in 36 games from “Chicago” is the worst pokazateli League.

Like experienced goalkeepers, Crawford and ward, but they don’t haul in the team. 90% and 88% of the reflected shots not the indicators that expect a lot from these goalkeepers and needed this “Chicago.”

19 Dec Chicago was able to beat a decent power of “Nashville” 2:1. conceded just one goal — hmm amazing. But there’s Predators was a very tense part of the calendar with large number of matches that have beyond regular time ended. Just “ate up”. That’s “Chicago” and managed to win.

21 Dec “Chicago” will play away against “Dallas”. The match is also very principled, “Star”, too, from one division with Chicago. Thus, the “Blackhawks” will have to play without rest for the second day in a row. Let us now remember their veteran lineup and assume how “just” they will face a link Rantanen.

And one more stroke in this Titanic called “Chicago Blackhawks” team is the worst in the League performance of the game in the majority and the minority. But the game in the unequal composition in modern hockey is what counts.

The coefficients and forecast

The bookies think the Colorado favorite for this match and it’s hard not to agree. Looking at how now plays three of McKinnon, become afraid because of the age of “Chicago”, also playing the second day in a row.

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