And betting prediction for Ajax — Lille, 17 Sep 2019

This Tuesday will be 8 first round matches of the group stage of the Champions League today, UEFA the season is open, despite the 4 qualifying round to it, is not considered to be preliminary stages of qualification.

A quarter of these 8 matches will be occupied by the struggles of members of the group H Chelsea FC, AFC Ajax, Valencia and Lille — in that order bookmakers determined from favorites on occupation of first place in the group to underdogs. Try to learn how to play Dutch and French team.

The contents

  • Ajax
  • Lille
  • The coefficients and forecast


In last season’s Champions League, the Dutch team reached the semi-finals, although not considered a favorite nor in the quarterfinals, or even the previous stage of the playoffs. This year she has got a tough group: if Chelsea after winning the Europa League final is considered the main favourite from the “Valencia” and “Lille” it is possible to expect such surprises as “Ajax” in the previous campaign.

However, before face-to-face meeting with the French team of “Ajax” is a favorite that is understandable: champion of the Netherlands has not lost any of their previous 11 matches, although these matches are actually held this season, starting with the match for the super Cup against PSV Eindhoven, ended in victory with the score 2:0.

After the “sons of God” spent another 10 matches, 4 of them ended with a draw, and 4 matches, the representatives of Amsterdam played in the UEFA Champions League if rivals from France 2nd place is enough to make the group stage, the championship of the Netherlands for this little.

As usual in most games of Ajax demonstrated high performance, but also often missed — again, 4 games out of 11 and ended without goals, but one of them suddenly scoring and Ajax. In General, he usually scores the first, and in 7 of his last 9 matches were at least 3 goals.


The French team last season was the opening of the championship. Despite the fact that she was unable to impose “Paris Saint-Germain,” the fight for the first place, she won 2nd place and a potential championship match PSG trashed the place.

In the new season, “Lille” from the start has stalled, but in League 1 now these things that every team managed to lose at least once. The GLOSS is 5-th place and lost only on the road, but both times dry.

If the team of Lille scored at least 2 goals, but all 7 goals of the new season in her performance were scored at home, while the home team from Amsterdam with a private performance in front of their fans, too, no problem.

On the goal of sense to put there, but on the goal of guests — there.

The coefficients and forecast

The last semifinalist of the Champions League considered the favorite to win in the home match, although doubts about this outcome, judging by the coefficients, is:

1.42–1.48: victory “Ajax”;
4.60–4.85: draw;
6.60–7.45: victory in Lille.

If in the first matches of the group stage of the Champions League and is the perfect meeting point for betting on goals both teams, then this certainly is one of them.