And bet prediction for the game Vekic – Sobolenko, August 4, 2019

In the history of confrontation between Donna Vekic and Arina Sobolenko Belarusian tennis player could not win. August 4 in the semifinals in San Jose for Arina is another attempt for the first time in his career to beat Donna. Whether Sobolenko to interrupt a series of unsuccessful matches with Vekic?

The contents

  • Donna Vekic
  • Arina Sobolenko
  • The coefficients and forecast

Donna Vekic

In the season 2019 Donna Vekic getting to close to a possible top-20 ratings WTA. Now the tennis player on the 25-th position in the case of reaching the final in San Jose it is likely that for the first time in his career, will step into the top 20 Donna.

In the tournament in San Jose most of the problems that Vekic appeared at the start. The opponent in the first round was a Japanese tennis player DOI. It took two sets Vekic to catch and cling to the local court (6-4, 3-6, 6-4).

Then during the tournament significantly added Vekic all the game components. We saw victory over Victoria Azarenka (6-4, 6-3) and Kristi Academy (7-5, 6-0). Significantly less wrong Vekic, while regularly in his style of trying to punch powerfully, not to delay the draws.

Well in San Jose working on his serve and the Croatian tennis player. In the last match against An under 60% hit first goal scored 88% points on first serve, comply with 6 aces.

Arina Sobolenko

Belarusian tennis player Arina Sobolenko decent part of the season in 2019 is in search of himself and his game. If at the start of the season was the title of the tournament in Shenzhen in the semi-finals of St. Petersburg, the next is obviously the results and the quality of the game is not too impressive.

In San Jose Sobolenko started with a convincing victory 6-3, 6-3 win over Coco Vandeweghe. Too to overestimate this Victoria is not worth it, considering that Koko just held their first tournament after the injury.

In the second match of the tournament in rivals Sobolenko has traditionally been convenient to his style of play Carla Suarez Navarro. Not everything went smoothly for the Belarusian tennis player. Managed in three sets to beat Spaniard (3-6, 6-2, 6-4). While not outstanding performance on the game we saw Arina.

Only 45% of hitting the first ball, 9 double faults, 5 times the opponent has made breaks. Clearly not the margin to feel confident in the semifinals against Donna Vekic. After all, the Croatian tennis player will not provide many chances for breaks, as it was in the game with Carla.

The coefficients and forecast

In line bookmakers see as a small favorite Donna Vekic. Moreover, since the release of the line ratios has somewhat shifted towards the Belarusian tennis player. I think here and now, based on the games that showed us tennis players, the chances to win of Donna Vekic look very good. For the ratio above 1.85 the proposed forecast for the victory of Croatian tennis player.

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