And bet prediction for the game Thun — Spartak, 8 Aug 2019

On Thursday, in the third qualifying round of the Europa League will converge “Spartak” and “Tun”. “Tun” never before met in UEFA club competition with clubs from Russia, but Spartak held against Swiss clubs 13 matches and overall statistics of past meetings with them in favor of the Moscow club – 6 wins and 4 defeats.

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“Tun” is not a top club, even by the standards of Switzerland. The team in its history only once managed to win silver medals of the championship and twice reached the Swiss Cup, but the club is already more than 120 years.

Last season the Toon managed to finish in 4th place, which guaranteed the team a place in the Europa League. By the way the goal difference from the “tuna” on the finish of the championship were negative. If we compare “Tun” with the champion of Switzerland “young boys”, it wards Mark Schneider behind by 45 points.

New Swiss championship started just a few weeks ago and there “Tun” does not abound. The team after 3 rounds is the 8th place out of 10 teams, scoring only 2 points. In last round wards of Schneider lost one more participant of Euro cups from the Swiss “Basel” with the score 2:3, conceding the decisive goal few minutes before the final whistle.

Reasons for failure in the beginning of the season, “Thun” more than good. First, in the offseason, the team left Dejan Sorgic, who last season became the team’s leading scorer and second in the championship, scoring 15 goals. Secondly, on the eve of the new season, several key players of Tosetti, Kablan and Munshi received injuries from which only now recovered, and their shape is far from perfect.

And now questionable for the game from 5 players “Thun”.


“Spartak” has identical problems as “tuna”. Team Kononova terrible acts in the championship and after 4 rounds only the 11th place, having won only 1 victory over debutant RPL “Sochi” in the first round. And that this victory on the conscience of judges Moskaleva, who scored Gigot scored with a violation of the rules.

In the last two games RPL “Spartak” could not score and if the match against “Dynamo” “Spartak” at least had an excuse, as wards Kononov played in the minority, the defeat of debutant “Tambov” logically could not explain even Kononov. By the way, the transfer value of the “Tambov” almost identical “Tuna”.

In the last two seasons in the club “Spartak” was getting in the group stages and even in the 2017/18 season played in the 1/16 finals LE with athletic Bilbao. But at the same time, Spartak was eliminated from the European Cup, losing not top clubs: the AEK, “St. Gallen” and “Legia” and “Tun” may well continue this list.

In the last days “Spartak” has made a transfer sensation at first, having sold their leading Brazilians, and then buying world champion Schurrle, who has already managed to debut in RPL in the match with “Dinamo”, as well as Larsson. The Swede, however, against the “tuna” play, as it was not declared at this stage of the European Cup.

The coefficients and forecast

Offer to put on F2 (0). In the class of “Spartacus” is much higher Thun, which is also a serious problem in the League and lacks the depth of the composition, which is Kononov.

Yes campaign and the Europa League in fact the only option to save his position as a failure even in Europe he is unlikely to forgive. Muscovites in away match may not get to play, and Schürrle could tell in this match its weighty word.

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