And bet prediction for the game Sweden — USA, 19 may 2018

On may 19 at the ice hockey world championship in Denmark will host the semifinal matches. At 16:15 Moscow time will play the teams of Sweden and USA. In this match the Swedes for success will need to contain Patrick Kane and the Americans to establish the game in defense.

The contents

  • Sweden
  • Team USA
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast


The Swedish national team in this championship does not know the bitterness of defeat. Surely, the “Tre kronor” passed the group stage, finishing in 1st place.

Sweden — Belarus — 5:0
Sweden — Czechia — 3:2
Sweden — France 4:0
Sweden — Austria — 7:0
Sweden — Slovakia — 4:3 ot
Sweden — Switzerland — 5:3
Sweden — Russia — 3:1

Matches against outsiders in attention not to take. Too big difference in class.

In the group stage revealed such a feature of the Swedish team. In matches against the national teams of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland, the Swedish hockey is very powerful started, just an overwhelming advantage in organizing on the ground, and then allowed the opponent to seize the initiative (closer to the 3rd period).

In the match against Slovakia that resulted in the loss of one point. The Czechs almost levelled in the closing stages of the 3rd period.

In the quarterfinal opponent of the Swedes was the national team of Latvia, which is unexpectedly pleasant experience left in this championship, but is much inferior in the class of “Tre kronor”. It’s the quarter-finals potentially looked like an easy walk of the Swedes in the semi-finals. But nothing of the sort happened. The match for the Swedes was difficult.

In the second period when the score was 1:1 the national team of Latvia had a great chance to come out ahead. Almost 2 minutes, the Latvians played the 5 on 3, but the dividends of this extract are unable.

Unsuccessfully this match played goalie Anders Nilsson. Both goals he could reflect. Swedish hockey experts rate his game in this match two stars out of five. Not visible Rickard of Recall is the best scorer of the Swedes in this tournament.

Sweden only fragments looked like a team that plays with two dozen NHL players, most of them are on leading roles in their clubs.

By the end of the group stage, the Swedes received reinforcement from “Nashville” in the face of Filip Forsberg, Viktor Arvidsson, Mattias Ekholm and out of “Pittsburgh” in the person of Patrick Hornqvist.

Forsberg and Arvidsson are the players of the first team “Predators”, they are the best scorers of the team.

Mattias Ekholm is the top 4 defenders in the same “Nashville”.

John Klingberg is a key defender of the club “Dallas stars”, Ekman-Larsson was a key advocate of the “Arizona Coyotes”. Both the defender playing in STARBRIGHT majority and in the opponent’s blue line feels like a fish in water. They are effective not only when performing protective functions, these players are not worse in attack. Sometimes even notes that their contribution to the team’s attack more than the defence.

Hampus Lindholm over the past two seasons of the defender of the third link is turned into a key player of defence “Anaheim”.

Adam Larsson is a top 4 defender “Edmonton oilers”. A couple of seasons ago he played in “new Jersey” and very upset was the fans, “devils”, when Larsson was exchanged. After all, he is young enough and is a good reliable player on the defense, which “new Jersey” was the problem.

This quality line of defense there is no team in the tournament. And if on a global scale to make the comparison, only the optimal composition of Canadians may be commensurate with the level of the Swedish defenders.

The power of the Swedes is not limited to highly qualified defenders, but Forsberg with Arvidsson (though certainly very good). Some of the most outstanding players of the current NHL season. The depth of the offensive line of the Swedes much more than shock tip “Nashville”.

Great on this tournament plays triple attack Anmark Sibania of Recall.

Rikard of Rachelle in the “Anaheim” scored 34 goals in 77 matches. He is the best scorer of the Ducks.

Mika Sibania scored 27 goals in 72 matches for “new York Rangers” and he is the best in the Rangers for this indicator.

Matthias Enmark in the “Dallas” fourth abandoned washers, on account of his 19 goals. Inferior and he shock three star: Alexander Radulov — Benn — SEGUIN

Here’s a triple attack from the Swedes formed. In the current NHL season for three they scored 80 goals.

After the quarterfinal match, won by the Swedes in Latvia 3:2, the coach “Tre kronor” Rikard of Greenberg looked upset, despite the victory. “I am unhappy” — succinctly summarized by a Swedish expert.

In an interview with a Swedish newspaper he noted that he is concerned about a large number of deletions in his team. In the match against Latvia, the Swedes 5 times removed, including played 3 on 5 for almost two minutes. In the final group stage match against Russian national team the Swedes had 7 penalties in the match against the Czech Republic, the Swedes played 6 deletions. That is, when there is the importance of the match, important match in the group, or playing on the fly, the Swedes pushed too hard in a fight.

Also, Greenberg noted that his team is extremely important control of the puck. For this you need to win the majority of face-offs. For this reason, in the match against Latvia in three of Forsberg — the camp Arvidsson centre Adrian Kempe was replaced by Jacob de La rose.

Team USA

Let us remember how the Americans passed the group stage.

USA — Canada 5:4 B
USA — Denmark — 4:0
USA — Germany — 3:0
USA — Latvia — 3:2 FROM
USA — South Korea — 13:1
USA — Norway — 9:3
USA — Finland — 2:6

Quite confidently passed the group stage the Americans. I would like to mention the match against the Canadians in the first round. Both teams gave the fans a real spectacle. It was a hockey aesthetics. The match was filled with a huge number of beautiful attacking action by both teams and it looked like some cool movie on one breath. On our site you can see an overview of the match USA — Canada.

Suddenly experiencing difficulties from the Americans in the match against Latvia. This they have in common with today’s opponent. Well, the last tour was kind of like a mini-fiasco for the stars and stripes. The Finnish national team unrolled the Americans a big advantage. What the leader of the Americans Patrick Kane said the following: “it is Good that it happened now, in the group stage and can look at their problems and try to fix them”.

Patrick Kane is one of the main stars of the world Cup. Status star Kane, of course, applies not only to the scope of this tournament. He is one of the strongest players in the world who knows how on the ice for almost everything.

Kane wants to win the world championship gold and does not hide in an interview. He has won three of the Stanley Cup, has a huge number of individual awards, but the title of world champion in his record is not (perhaps yet).

Patrick Kane is the leader of the championship performance. In 8 games he scored 19 points scoring (8 goals, 11 assists).

Patrick Kane is the main headache for the head coach of Swedes Ricarda Grinberga. But unfortunately for the Swedes, Kane’s not the only member of Americans who can cause problems for “Tre kronor”.

The Americans are as strong as ever, the team brought to the world Cup, giving up on a student set.

Deserve special attention Joni Goodro, Cam Atkinson, Dylan Larkin, Alex Debrincat, will butcher, Charlie Macavoy.

Joni Goodrowho calls himself johnny Hockey, miniature striker with excellent technique and skating. He is the leader of the “calgary flames” (this season, scored 84 points of performance in 80 games). Jonny is quite young (he is 24), but the 4th season is the best forward in calgary, starting with a debut season to demonstrate high performance.

Cam Atkinson is an experienced ice hockey player for the last 7 years in “Columbus”. There he is one of the key players going in the first line with Artemy Panarin and canadian Pierre-Luc Dubois in the first spetsbrigada most. A skilled hockey player. It could feel in full measure the goalkeeper of Canadians in the first round. Atkinson twice he cheated on the shootout. Beautiful goal he scored in the quarterfinals of the Czechs.

Dylan Larkin. This young 21-year-old hockey player’s third season playing for the “Detroit Red wings”. His appearance in the camp of the Red wings, he explicitly revived the team in attack after the departure of Pavel Datsyuk began the regression. At “Detroit” issues left a lot, they need the update command and Larkin in this process acts as a key figure. He’s already 3rd time playing at the world Cup and every championship he has demonstrated a high effectiveness.

And about a couple of young players worth mentioning. Alex Debrincat and will butcher are newcomers to the NHL. His first season in the strongest hockey League in the world, they held very successfully.

Alex Debrincat was the second performance in “Chicago Blackhawks”. Only Patrick Kane has more points of impact. However, Debrincat goals scored even more than Kane. In the world Cup they play in one link.

Will butcher was one of the leaders of the “new Jersey devils”. This skilled defender in the first season has earned the right to leave in the spetsbrigada most. Butcher is a defender who knows how great to support the attack. In this season of “new Jersey”, he scored 44 points performance in 81 matches.

Another young and talented defender is in the part of the Americans, who joined the team during the championship, after flew from his Stanley Cup “Boston Bruins”. We are talking about 20-year-old Charlie Macavoy, which in 2016 was selected in the first round of the draft “Boston Bruins”. Have noticed bright game in the youth team USA.

Probably also worth mentioning Anders Lee, who last two seasons in the “new York islanders” scores 30-40 goals. To the islanders he is a player of the first team and was part of the first spetsbrigada most.

Enough with this squad of Americans may not such bright, as the above characters, but an experienced and helpful team players. For example, the same Nick Bonino, who is one of the best NHL players on the game are in the minority. Exactly thanks to these qualities in his time “the Pittsburgh penguins” got at “Vancouver”. Powerful striker “new York Rangers” Chris KREIDER useful when dealing in the penny.

In General, team USA are of a very decent level of team play in this world Cup. However, this team has a clear bias in the direction of the attack. All the brightest players of this team forwards.

Protection, indeed, a cause for concern. The above mentioned defenders butcher and Macavoy talented guys, but they don’t have enough experience, which is extremely important for the player of defence and they were notable more by their technique and ability to organize and support the attack.

Truly experienced and a good level defender in this part one, Alec Martinez, is the owner of the Cup Stanley in structure “Los Angeles kings”.

In the quarterfinal match against the Czechs it was clearly visible. If the Czech hockey players just made better use of their chances in front of goal (of which there were many), in this forecast, I could write about Pastrnak with Krejci, not about Cain and company.

Well, again, you can remember the group match against the Finns of attacking creativity which had baffled the defense of the Americans.

The goalkeeper, however, team USA is quite good. Keith Kincaid, of course, is not a top goalkeeper, but this season in the “new Jersey” he had a very nice, making the competition for the first start Cory Schneider this competition and he even won in the greater part of the regular championship. At the world Cup he has quite good stats — 92% of the reflected shots.

Trump Americans are in the majority. We have mentioned that a hockey team in their clubs are included in the special team for the majority of and it gives its fruit at the world Cup.

The USA team is the best team in the championship game in the most fantastic percentage of its implementation is 40%.

I also want to draw attention to another fact. Team USA plays great on the faceoff. The matches against the obvious outsiders will not be considered. Pay attention only to matches against the top teams. In the match against the Finns 35-25, 34-28 against the Czechs, against the Canadians, 29-27. In this component was even better than the Canadians, though on a bit, but nevertheless, Canadians have always been very strong in this component.

But for the Swedes it is crucial to control the puck a lot positional attacks. And this often need to win faceoffs. And here the Americans can make a “Tre kronor” discomfort.

Another advantage of Americans believe a quick transition from defence to attack. This may deliver difficulties is not the fastest defense of the Swedes.

Personal meetings

Not so private in recent years in major competitions these teams met. But the last world Cup gave fans such a meeting. The Swedes were the clear favorites. Their victory gave bookmakers a coefficient in the region of 1.7, victory for team USA was estimated by the coefficient in the region of 3.5. The match ended in victory for the Americans.

In Sweden as well as in this championship was very strong squad and they eventually became world Champions, but in a personal meeting with the Americans, they lost. Joni Goodro scored twice in that match. Well, let’s see if Hudro this season to upset the Swedes.

The coefficients and forecast

It was interesting how the bookmakers put odds on this match. Of course, it could be expected that the Swedes will be favorites, but not too big if the odds on the Americans?

If the average force teams to take it from the Swedes, probably, the composition more interesting. They have a stronger line of defense. It is beyond doubt.

But there are many factors that say that the Swedes can be a big problem in this match:

  • The Swedes play undisciplined and get caught in the important matches a large number of deletions. But the USA team is the best team in the implementation of the majority.
  • Americans are quickly moving from defence to attack. The Swedes, of course, a high level defenders, but many of them are not fast enough.
  • The Swedes are very important for control of the puck. They tend to possess the puck in a strange area, gradually podavlivaya opponent. For this, it is often necessary to win faceoffs. The Americans in this component is very strong and even beat the Canadians in it, not to mention the Finns and the Czechs. “Tre kronor” even against Latvia did not have benefits in this component.

Based on the above, looks pretty good, the victory of the Americans at such a high rate. It is possible to more accurately not play the win in regulation time, and the finals for 2.38.

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