And bet prediction for the game Sweden — Switzerland, 20 may 2018

20 may at 21:15 Moscow time will be played final match of world hockey championship in 2018. Unexpected was the composition of the finals. Many experts expected to see the national team of Sweden, but hardly anyone waited in this match the Swiss. Well, continuing surprises in international hockey. At the Olympics all surprised the Germans, who beat teams from Canada and Sweden, and in the end took the silver.

At the world Cup, the Swiss beat the teams of Finland and Canada, and at least take the silver. Poor Canadians at the Olympics got from the Germans at the world Cup from the Swiss.

The Swiss team for the second time in its history reached the final of the world Cup. The last time the final was in 2013 and then, by the way, the opponents were also the Swedes, who easily dealt with the Swiss 5:1. How will this time? If the Swiss hockey players to oppose the “Tre kronor”?

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The Swedish team championship takes place without losses. At the moment, 9 matches, 9 wins. Have to do one step to gold and then the Swedes will finish the tournament not defeated (and be able to defend the title).

For this championship, the Swedes brought a very strong team. This composition is commensurate with the optimal composition of the Swedes, if he was formed from all possible players, as is done in the world Cup. Not so many Swedes, who could still strengthen the squad. Nicklas Backstrom, Erik Karlsson, Henrik Lundqvist. This is hockey, of course, could formation the Swedes even more.

It is worth noting that without them the stars in the composition of the Swedes enough. Line of defense is the strongest in the championship. Such number of class players defense no one command.

Jon Kleinberg, Oliver Ekman Larsson, Mattias Ekholm are top defenders in the NHL. In the semifinals against team USA, which the Swedes won 6:0, the defense played just great.

The Americans started briskly, had the advantage, but the Swedes sustained a starting impact of the contender, safely playing in their zone. Then began to regularly create chances in attack. The second period was a turning point in which the Swedes scored 3 goals.

The Americans made many mistakes, which the Swedes a great advantage. But in the attack the Americans played actively and struck 41 shot on target Anders Nilsson, who played in excess of securely. Loved the game, the Swedes defense.

The Americans spent a lot of time in a strange area, but the Swedes played very tight and no freedom the opponent is not allowed. If Americans who led out for a throw, he or someone got in the way of the Swedes aimed to make catchy or shot blocked. That is forwards of the Americans throughout the match felt close rival. Great tight game, the Swedes defense.

Of the forwards in this match, would like to mention Viktor Arvidsson. Constantly getting to the puck, aggravated game at the gates of the Kincaid. His partner for the three attacks in the team and “Nashville” Filip Forsberg constantly comes up with something extraordinary, that bewilders of opponents.

Matthias Enmark scored a good goal after fast beating one to one opponent. And yet it had a few dangerous actions in attack.

In General, in the semifinals, the Swedes left the most pleasant impression without any conditionalities. Played disciplined most of the match. Only at the end of the third period got a little too frisky in that direction, earning two penalties in the last 2 minutes, and then, one of them was mutual. And the bill to this point was 6:0.

Thus, Sweden was left to take one step to defend the title. They play in Denmark as at home. The number of fans in the stands no team. When playing the Swedes, the stands are almost all yellow. Still, Sweden very close to Denmark and the fans willing to attend the matches of his team. Moreover, so many great players gathered in the “Tre kronor”, 19 players from the NHL clubs.


Regardless of the outcome of the final match, the Swiss team has become the main surprise of the world Cup with a plus sign. Few people waited in the final of the Swiss, especially with this lineup. Because many teams are very decent trains were brought to this championship.

However, the Swiss are not afraid of the authorities and beaten in the quarterfinals of the national team of Finland (3:2), which up to this point the most pleasant impression left. And in the semi-finals could not break the Swiss and the Canadians, and even McDavid didn’t help them. Though definitely the Swiss goalkeeper Leonardo Genoni had a terrific match. 45 shots on target caused the Canadians and twice the puck was in the net. In other cases, Genoni leaves no chance to the opponent.

And fielders their few chances implemented with tremendous efficiency.

For example, in the third period, the Canadians struck on target, 18 shots against one of the Swiss, but the Swiss had one shot to light the red light behind the gates of Quimper. And the Canadians fired Genoni from different positions, but only one powerful shot Colton Parayko after a small ricochet has helped to find the puck way into the goal.

Generally the enviable efficiency of the use of chance was the Swiss in this match. Canadians for the entire match earned only 3 removal (objectively, this is quite a bit) and the hockey team of Switzerland from these 3, 2 deletions implemented.

Who is the leader of this Swiss team? First of all, I would mark two defenders of the Novel Yosi and Raphael Diaz, who spend on the ice more than 20 minutes per game.

Yossi is a leader in the team and in his club “Nashville Predators”. Very clever and competent defender with good skills of organization of the attack.

Representatives of the NHL Sven Andrighetto (“Colorado”), Nino Niederreiter (“mn”) and Kevin Fiala (Nashville) the most notable part of this team. Not to mention forward Enzo Corvi, who in 9 matches scored 8 points scoring (4 goals + 4 assists). This is the representative of the Swiss League, he plays in the club “Davos”.

The Swiss are playing the North American style. Whenever possible, go for a Nickel, trying any way to get the puck. That is, for Swedes, the style of opponent is the same as in the quarterfinals, but without a player like Patrick Kane. But the ushers are very diligent and will try to play very safely, because they realize that plenty of chances the Swedes they do not give the team the Swiss team is noticeably inferior to the Swedish national team.

Personal meetings

Speaking about the encounters, just remember the world Cup final 2013, played in these teams. Then the Swiss team is also all surprised, for the first time in its history, taking world championship silver. By the way, the world Cup 2013 was held also in Scandinavia, in Helsinki (Finland) and Stockholm (Sweden).

At the world championship the national team of Switzerland to surprise from the beginning, not dozhdavshis the playoffs. The group won all 7 matches, beating including the Czechs (5:2), Canadians (3:2 b) and the Swedes (3:2).

In the quarterfinals, Switzerland once again beat the Czech Republic (2:1), in the semifinals of the USA (3:0).

In the final, however, the fairy tale ended — Sweden beat Switzerland 5:1. In that match came during the championship, the brothers Henrik and Daniel Sedin made the game. The Swedes were not just like that easy as it may seem from the result. Switzerland opened the scoring and after two periods the advantage the Swedes had minimum 2:1. Only in the third period, the Swiss capitulated.

After this memorable match, and several times the teams have met in major tournaments.

Olympics 2014 Sweden — Switzerland — 1:0
World Cup 2015 Sweden — Switzerland — 2:1
The 2016 world Cup Sweden — Switzerland — 3:2 B
World Cup 2017 Sweden — Switzerland — 3:1
The 2018 world Cup Sweden — Switzerland — 5:3

Teams played in one group in this championship and, of course, already met in Denmark. Sweden won 5:3. In that match, the Swedes gave a strong start, leading in the score 3:0, but allowed the opponent to get the score to 3:2.

I think the Swiss in this match will try to play very carefully in the first minute, not to allow the Swedes to suppress their activity, as happened in their last meeting.

The coefficients and forecast

Definition of favorite in this match everything is simple and the bookies have offered such a line.

Of course, the superiority of Sweden is palpable, if we consider the original data. A high average skill level. Almost all hockey players are NHL clubs, many of them are leaders in their clubs. Line of defense is the strongest in the championship. In the semifinals responsibly played the Swedes, not allowing the opponent no freedom at all in their area. Played with discipline, not allowing the Americans to use the trump the game most.

Switzerland plays with great desire. But the number of skilled players they have there. A huge burden will fall literally for 5-6 players. Whether Genoni another outstanding match, especially the next day, the Canadians its decently loaded.

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