And bet prediction for the game Serbia — Portugal, September 7, 2019

In one of the matches that will be held Saturday evening in the framework of the 5th round of the qualifying round of Euro 2020, will be the match between Serbia and Portugal, the participants of group B.

Previous face-to-face meeting of the teams ended with the score 1:1, but to catch up with the leading in table Ukrainian team to lose points now neither one nor the other. Now let’s see what the end of their 2nd confrontation this year.

The contents

  • Serbia
  • Portugal
  • The coefficients and forecast


Representing South-Eastern Europe team before the start of the 5th round of UEFA Euro 2020 takes 3rd place in the standings of group B, having earned in the previous 3 matches 4 points.

This is the same as Luxembourg scored for 4 games, but the team from the tiny state ahead of the team from the Balkan Peninsula, due to the larger difference of scored and missed goals: -1 vs -2, while Serbia scored a goal more.

To finish the 5-th round 2-th row in the table, which ensures direct access to a final part of tournament, Serbs need to play with the Portuguese a draw, but it is not the most reliable way to gain a foothold in the top 2 of Portugal’s something wrong afraid to lose points as it won the division in the League of Nations and the entire tournament.

Since the “white eagles” are unable to achieve such a result, they need to score points right now. But to accurately score points, masters is desirable not to pass, and they did it in the last 6 matches.

However, in 5 of these games Serbia have scored, each time doing it faster than the opponent. And generally the defeat from Ukraine with the score 5:0 was for the Balkan team’s first defeat in 10 matches after the world Cup.


The reigning European champion and the winner of the League of Nations passed the previous couple rounds of qualification following the Euro, because participation in a home playoff LNU, where he won a first victory over Switzerland with a score of 3:1 and later of the Netherlands 1:0. As a result, 2 trophies in 3 recent tournaments.

Despite these successes, this qualification Portugal things are going then: in addition to a draw 1:1 with Serbia, she graduated with zeros match against Ukraine, although both times were at home, where he later won 2nd trophy in 4 years.

Nevertheless, the team from the Iberian Peninsula has not lost none of their previous 10 matches after last year’s world Cup, half of them won, and in 5 of 6 last duels with its participation was no more than 2 goals.

However, only in 2 games out of 10, the Portuguese didn’t score. Given the fact that they miss the 6th round and are 8 points behind leading Ukraine, albeit with 2 games in stock, this Saturday it is desirable to continue to score.

The coefficients and forecast

The odds of different bookmakers is not large scatter of the direct outcomes of this weekend:

3.25–3.45: the victory of the national team of Serbia;
3.35–3.45: draw;
2.20–2.30: the victory of the national team of Portugal.

Teams have nowhere to postpone earning points for some of them soon will start the 2nd round of the qualification, but without goals they cannot do.