And bet prediction for the game Latvia — Northern Macedonia, September 9, 2019

Among several matches of the 6th round of qualifying for the European Championship 2020, the year that will be held this Monday, there will be a meeting of the members of the group G: teams of Latvia and Northern Macedonia.

Both teams occupy the lower lines of the table, but if the home team can start to say goodbye to the Euro, the guests have good chances to pass in the final of the tournament, especially as won the first meeting — 3:1.

The contents

  • Latvia
  • Northern Macedonia
  • The coefficients and forecast


The Latvian team conducts the qualifying round of Euro 2020 in status of one of the worst teams in the tournament: 5 previous matches, she has not earned a single point and scored only one goal despite the fact that I missed 19.

Of course, with such indicators the “white-red” not the fact that can even rise from the last position in the standings of group G, not to mention the release of the CHE, or at least in the play-offs. Any privileges they have: the team was unable to win the group in the League of Nations and is in the last five turns of division D.

Taking into account how other participants in the D League perform in qualifying, it turns out that if Latvia won’t win in each of the remaining 5 rounds, until the finals of the European Championship it will not come.

If you look at recent results of the national team of Latvia, it can say goodbye to Euro. She failed to win in any of the 13 previous games, and in last 5 matches she’s lost in 4 while scoring.

In all 5 rounds of the UEFA Euro Baltic team conceding the first goal and the winning goal opponents scored in the first half, and scored so often that only the poles have a cost of 2 balls remaining competitors in group G was observed in the Latvian gate from 3 to 6 times.

Northern Macedonia

Despite severomoravska team occupies the penultimate place in the standings, her chances of an exit in final part CHE solid.

2-nd place in group G team North Macedonia is 4 points for the remaining 5 matches she can cover the distance, although you’ll have to get around Slovenia and Israel, who are one point behind Austria with 9 points.

But the Balkan team has a problem: she didn’t win any of their previous 4 matches in this qualification having won only over opponents from the Baltic States in the first round with the score 3:1. Furthermore, she has missed in each of the 5 rounds, although not scored in only one, when he took home Poland — 0:1.

Fortunately for the “red lions” in case of absenteeism in the final of the European Championships directly, they will be able to get there via the playoffs, having won the group in the League of Nations. But in the game with Latvians they will try to get all 3 points.

The coefficients and forecast

Despite the goal difference is 1:19, the odds for the home team more or less decent, although the chances to win still not enough:

6.3–6.8: the victory of the national team of Latvia;
3.8–3.9: draw;
1.54–1.63: victory North of Macedonia.

The Latvian team in this qualifications scoring only severomoravsky team and did it on the road — so the house can repeat. But in her first victory, or a draw is still hard to believe.