And bet prediction for the game Jokerit — Kunlun, 3 Sep 2018

Foreign clubs in the KHL, the Finnish “Jokerit” and China’s “Kunlun mountains”, today start new season with new expectations. What changes happened in the team in the offseason and what to put in this match?

The contents

  • Jokerit
  • Kunlun
  • The coefficients and forecast


Last season in “Jokerit” lighted star of the young Finnish talent, Ali Tolvanen. Maybe a little loudly, but undoubtedly he became one of the most exciting players in the League last season. For the team it meant a lot. The draw of the numerical majority with his participation looked menacing. At the end of last season he left the NHL in Nashville, which he was selected in the first round draft pick in 2017.

Left the team head coach Jukka Jalonen. We can assume that he has not coped with the task. Still, the quarterfinals of the Gagarin Cup not the result which was expected from the Finnish team.

Lauri Marjamaki will this season lead “fools” to success. At least try to do it. He won twice the world championship with the “Carpeta”. Was the coach of the national team of Finland achieved nothing in office. Hard to say how it will manifest itself in the “Jokerit”. He is quite young, he was 41 years old. KHL is a new League.

Of loss you can also mark the departure of forward Olli Palola (the “Kunlun”), American defenseman Matt Gilroy (the “Rapperswill”), goalie Kari Ramo (in “vanguard”).

An irreplaceable loss for the team is the departure of Ali Tolvanen.

Newcomers who came to the team in the offseason, listed all:

  • goalkeeper Janis Kalnins (“Dinamo” Riga),
  • defender Rupa Rainey (TPS, Finland),
  • defender Victor Leo (the Iowa wild, AHL),
  • defender Alex Grant (the Iowa wild, AHL),
  • defender This Techstream (the”UMass” American student League),
  • defender Carl Stollery (“Dinamo” Riga),
  • defender Emily Rasanen (“Kingston Fronten”, hockey League Ontario)
  • striker yuna Montaut (“Sapko”, Finland),
  • forward Alexi Halme (“TUTO”, Finland),
  • forward Sakari Manninen (“örebro”, Sweden),
  • forward Geoff Platt (CSKA Moscow),
  • forward William Kaho (“green Bay”, the American Junior hockey League).

Rainey, räsänen, Hulme, Kaho and Terpstra — young players who are 19-20 years old. “Jokerit” generally greatly rejuvenated the team. The average age of the team fell from 28 to 26.

For newcomers, it can be noted Manninen and Platt. Manninen last season in the “örebro” looked great, was constantly called to the national team of Finland. Platt at the time powerfully to the KHL and then at a high level, spent several seasons, but the last 2 seasons at CSKA, he somehow got lost. Maybe “Jokerit” he will find himself and his game.

The team leaders are Reghin, Moses, O’neill, Joensuu, Moses.

The pre-season Jokerit has held inconclusive:

“Jokerit” — “The Petrochemist” — 4:3
“Jokerit” — “Siberia” — 2:4
Jokerit — SKA — 1:3
Jokerit — Avangard — 0:4
“Jokerit” — “Severstal” — 2:1
“Jokerit” — “Kunlun Mountains” — 1:2
Jokerit — SKA — 2:4

2 wins and 5 losses.

The results of preseason big do not matter, but until the “Jokerit” is clearly far from its optimal condition.


“Kunlun mountains” debuted in the KHL in the season 2016/2017 and the first season managed to break into the playoffs. Second season in the KHL for “red star” was a less successful or rather unsuccessful, only 12-e a place in the East.

In the offseason the team has undergone great changes. In the “Kunlun mountains” came the Finnish coaching staff. Head coach — Jussi Tapol, the assistant coach Jyrki Aho, goalkeeping coach — Sakari Lindfors.

Curiously, the Tapol was assistant Marjamaki in the national team of Finland and both he and Marjamaki twice won the championship of Finland (with “Tiparoj”), and he is also young by coaching standards.

So in this match planned confrontation between two young Finnish coaches.

Aho and Lindfors worked with the national team of China and they are already familiar with the specifics of the hockey in China.

The team is decently updated. Went half a dozen players. To list them does not make sense. The new coaching staff will build your team, and something to form in the “Kunlun MTS” last season failed nor Keenan, nor the carpenter. So, the team played in the pleasure.

Beginners a lot. Here are some of the acquisitions made in the offseason:

  • goaltender Ivan Nalimov (“Salavat Yulaev”),
  • goalkeeper Alexander Lazutin (“Lada”),
  • defender Blake parle (“Eisbaren”, Germany),
  • defender Ondrej Vitasek (“Ugra”),
  • Semitic Tomas Kondratick (torpedo Nizhny Novgorod),
  • Villa defender Lauren (Spartak Moscow),
  • defenseman Marc-Andre Gragnani (Dinamo Minsk),
  • defenseman Victor Bartley (“örebro”, Sweden),
  • forward Veli-Matti Savinainen (“Ugra”),
  • forward Olli Palola (“Jokerit”),
  • forward Patrick Lund (interestingly enough, Sweden),
  • forward Thomas Myrtle (Plzen, Czech Republic),
  • forward Josh Nicholls (“Storhamar”, Norway),
  • forward Justin Fontaine (Dinamo Minsk),
  • forward Michael Latta (“Binghamton”, AHL),
  • forward Alexander Picard (“Cupid”),
  • forward Rock Ticar “(“Siberia”).

Not the strongest goalkeepers of the “Kunlun”. Although Lazutin last season was the main goalkeeper of “Lada” and basically played well. Nalimov last 2 years often changed clubs, not getting enough match practice.

A lot of newcomers from the KHL clubs and the League to adapt is not necessary. Parle played “Tappara” under the leadership of Tapola. Obviously, knowing the capabilities of this hockey player, new head coach of “Kunlun” asked him.

3 good Finns signed Myrtle and the fountain is able to play effectively in the attack. Last year left Taylor Beck, Brandon Yip, Cory Kane with experience in the NHL.

Of course, it is difficult to predict anything in case of “Kunlun”. In principle, there are good players, but whether the coaching staff to unite them by a common idea — that is the question.

“Kunlun” in the preseason played more matches than Jokerit. 10 games played by Chinese club. In the first 7 matches and suffered 6 defeats, but completed pre-season with three wins, including over FC Jokerit 2:1, also beat “Sochi” 3:2 “Severstal” 5:1.

Triple Fontaine, Ticar, Beck destroyed Severstal, Kane, Savinainen also left a good impression.

It’s possible that “Kunlun” will not fall into the playoffs, but the chances are not lost, the team will struggle.

The coefficients and forecast

The bookies in this match for ourselves a clear favorite, which is “Jokerit”. On his win offered to put with a factor 1.62.

But everything is obvious in this match. “Jokerit” held vague pre-season games. Tolvanen they are no more. Plus, principled confrontation of the Finnish coaches. The “Kunlun” a couple of very good links. Still, the match seems to be more equal than is reflected in the lines and therefore consider it appropriate to play a positive handicap guests.

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