And bet prediction for the game Jokerit — Dynamo Moscow, 26 Dec 2018

Whether the Moscow “Dynamo” after dalnevostochnogo check-out discounts are available for strength and to win 4 straight win or the home team in the League will confirm his reputation, and he will take revenge for the recent defeat in Moscow?

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  • Jokerit
  • Dinamo Moscow
  • The coefficients and forecast


After the December break for the Cup of the First channel Jokerit has played 4 matches.

“Avant-garde” — “Jokerit” 3:2 FROM
“Spartak” — “Jokerit” — 5:0
Jokerit — CSKA — 4:1
“Jokerit” — “Dinamo” Riga — 3:2 FROM

In the match against “Avant-garde” the Finnish team played well and the game had the feeling that he must win in this match. But lucky is a bit more “Avant-garde”. Then followed a major defeat of the “Spartak”. But here we should note that this match between Jokerit played the next day after the match in Balashikha hockey players, and of course to not recover in time.

Returning to Finland at home on “Hartwall arena” the Finnish team defeated the leader of the KHL, CSKA. CSKA perebrosali opponents 35-17, but the realization of this evening was better than the “fools”. Actually 4 goals in the gate CSKA are expensive. Army defense is most reliable in the League with 50 goals conceded in 41 matches. 4 goals they have this season at all from anyone were not allowed, 3 it is extremely rare flew into the net.

Well, in the last round tough win in overtime against Dynamo Riga, this time Jokerit had the advantage, but the puck did not go in gate of the rival.

The quality of members of the Finnish club is one of the strongest in the League. Moreover, the composition well-balanced. There is some skew in the lines. Two great goalies Kalnins and Zapolski. Zapolski, however, has a slightly worse statistics. But it is not a failure, it is normal and it allows you not to overextend goalkeepers, dividing roughly equal playing time.

There is a good level and the defenders Lepisto, Grant, Kiviste, Lauridsen and forwards Moses, O’neill, Regin, Manninen, Platte, and Johnsen, Pihlstrom. 3 players have experience in the NHL played more than 100 matches, 5 players in the NHL played from 20 to 50 matches. Recently signed a young talented anguelova of Vesalainen and he really stepped up the game in 10 matches scored 4 goals and made two assists.

In home matches Jokerit is playing stronger than away. In 21 games he has 17 wins and is virtually the best record in the League, if you consider the lost points. Just some of the teams at one point typed more, but they have played more matches and surpass those Finnish club only one point.

Dinamo Moscow

From the Moscow “Dynamo” in this season expect a breakthrough after a disastrous past. In the offseason, was made impressive transfers and the team, many experts immediately began to refer to the number of favorites. But it was not so easy. The start was not at all like expected. Already in the course of the season began to be more changes in the lineup. Was also dismissed coach Vladimir Vorobiev and was appointed to his post Vladimir Krikunov.

Screamers changed in the team and the approach to the training process and tactics. The result is gradually coming. After the November break for the KHL Moscow Dynamo, one of the most successful teams in terms of scoring.

After the December forward of the Moscow “Dynamo” was the hardest out in the League, in the far East, where it was played 3 matches and they all ended in victories.

“Admiral” — “Dynamo” Moscow — 1:2
“Kunlun Mountains” — Dynamo Moscow — 2:3
Amur — Dynamo Moscow — 0:2

This result, of course,” a matter of respect. After the match against “the Cupid” Vladimir Krikunov at the press conference noted that when such flights and such schedule of games the players can only degrade, as though they’d just come to his senses.

Indeed, after the far East tour teams it is hard to recover, but there is still one travel. This time in Helsinki, to the home team in the KHL.

Moreover, not so long ago, November 26, the teams played each other in Moscow and then the Dynamo won 2:0 and “clowns” will be serious about revenge.

The coefficients and forecast

The bookies quite rightly considered the favorite of the match “Jokerit”, offering on his win ratio in the district 1.9. Finns say several factors. First, the Finnish club very strong playing at home. Second, Moscow Dynamo after a heavy far Eastern exit and it is unlikely they have time to recover. Class players the Finns are at least not inferior to the Dynamo.

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