And bet prediction for the game Iceland — Moldova, September 7, 2019

In group H reigns and intrigue from 3 teams at the end of 3 rounds scored 9 points. One of them is Iceland, which will host the national team of Moldova.

It so happened that all 3 leaders of the group caught in this round, the outsiders and the loss of points for one of these teams could cost her the place at the Euros.

The contents

  • Iceland
  • Moldova
  • The coefficients and forecast


Iceland fall in love with the whole world at the last Euros, reaching the quarterfinals of this prestigious tournament. The team then managed to get first place at the world Cup in Russia, but there is in addition a draw with Argentina Icelanders made no impact.

In the end, the team that terrified even the top teams couldn’t win for 15 matches in a row and replacing Hallgrimsson Erik Hamrén at first had nothing to do with his team. The League of Nations had failed and the team suffered 4 defeats from Switzerland and Belgium. And the beginning of the current qualification for Iceland was not entirely successful.

Small victory 2:0 against Andorra and a defeat 0:4 from France conjures up thoughts of the fact that Iceland is unlikely to be able to qualify for access to the Euro. But representatives of the country’s volcanoes again manifested the same strong-willed character, who helped the team to achieve heights in the last Euro.

Was alternately beaten Albania and Turkey — the two main rival Iceland in the fight for second place in the group, and both of these fights have been for the Icelanders home. Thus, the match against Moldova will be for Iceland is the third in a row at home.

Will not be able to play in the match Gudmundsson, he is injured. But Bjarnason and Hallfredsson, which are key players of the team have no match practice, as were left without clubs.


If Iceland in recent years has significantly progressed, Moldova remained at the same mediocre level which was for many years.

Team even in the League of Nations, where he played in a group with San Marino, Luxembourg and Belarus managed to take third place with 9 points, and 6 of them in the matches against San Marino.

The main and we can say the eternal problem of the team is the performance. In the same the League of Nations, the team scored only 4 goals and 3 of them in the gate just to the islanders.

In the current skills situation has not changed. Moldova have lost three times in 4 matches, beating only Andorra and scored in the gate rivals only twice. One goal was scored in the same gate of Andorra, and the second against France. However, the score was then 4:0 in favor of the French.

Interestingly, in the last 51 games of the national team of Moldova team has won 5 games, 3 of them were against San Marino and 2 over Andorra.

Knowing that qualification for Moldova has gone, the leadership of the Federation has dismissed Oleksandr Spiridon and the appointment of interim coach 73-year-old semen Altman, who first announced the final list for the game against Iceland, and then took out 5 players.

So configured Altman on his debut in the national team of Moldova is very strongly.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on F1 (-1.5). The force is clearly not equal and the coefficient on the victory of the Icelanders is constantly falling, and at the time of writing, the forecast was already in the average of 1.27. It is possible that he will drop before the match.

Iceland surely has the high ground and gradually returns to Coach Iceland to its optimal condition and abilities. For Moldova every victory is a celebration and there are serious doubts that the team on the road is not big able to play with the progress of the Icelanders.