And bet prediction for the game Hungary — Slovakia, September 9, 2019

Shortly after the end of the match between Azerbaijan and Croatia will begin the confrontation of the other pair of members of the group E in qualifying for the European Championship in 2020, the year the national teams of Hungary and Slovakia.

In the previous internal meeting, in the first round of the qualifying tournament, these teams played in Slovakia with the score 2:0, but since then their position has changed dramatically: now ahead of only Slovakia Azerbaijanis and Hungarians lead the group.

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  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • The coefficients and forecast


Before the 6th round in group E of the Hungarian national team took first place in the standings, although it has the same number of points as the Croatian national team. The leaders of the home team later in Monday’s meeting began thanks to the victory in an internal meeting with the Vice-world Champions with the score 1:0.

While Hungary conceded 4 goals as well as Croatia and Wales, and scored 6 goals less than last year’s finalist of the world Cup, and Slovakia.

However, for the Hungarians now it is only important what will be repeated face-to-face meeting with the Slovaks. Since the Croats with the big share of probability will be able to earn all 3 points in the match against the Azeris and the defeat of the geographical neighbors due to 2:0 in the first confrontation will lead to fall in the standings.

Hungary is one of the countries that host the European Championships next year, but her team probably would not participate in the finals of the tournament, if not among the top two group E as they did not win the group is in the League of Nations — as it would give an opportunity to pass on via 2 games in the playoffs.

For this reason, the Hungarians should score, as it did in 3 of 4 rounds of selection and in 4 last matches, including a friendly meeting with the Montenegrins 4 days ago. Skip undesirable, but of the last 5 opponents in the Hungarian gate not played the Welsh.


The Slovaks played in the League of Nations in division B and the best teams there continue to be good and yet are in such a position that directly pass on TH. This means that you can not yet fly and go to the playoffs.

However, if Slovakia will continue to take the 4th place, it will have to rely on the results of teams from other groups. With a positive goal difference is +1, she earned 6 points, running dry after losing to Wales and Croatia.

After the start of qualification “in the Slovak falcons” not only missed from the Hungarian players, but in 4 subsequent games gave the rivals, including Jordanians of a friendly match, to score. Given that Hungarians opened the score in 4 of their 5 last matches, guests should think about the defense.

The coefficients and forecast

According to the bookmaker quotes the home team more chances to win, but also not considered downright indifferent underdogma:

2.3–2.6: the victory of the national team of Hungary;
3.1–3.3: draw;
2.7–3.3: the victory of the national team of Slovakia.

Bet on goals from both teams is not the most obvious, although both need to score. A safer option looks with the victory of either side and at least 2 goals.