And bet prediction for the game Feyenoord — Porto, October 3, 2019

In another evening match of the 2nd round of the Europa League will meet teams from group G: Netherlands Feyenoord and Porto. After the first round the difference between them is 3 points in favor of the guests, but both previous matches in the group ended with the victory of one of their members with a difference of only one goal.

The contents

  • Feyenoord
  • Port
  • The coefficients and forecast


The team from Rotterdam is one of the three Dutch teams that participate in the group stage of the Europa League, but after the first round having least chances to advance in the playoffs, although there are still 5 matches to correct the position from the bottom of the standings to climb to the top 2 of the group.

Feyenoord took 3rd place in the table after a home defeat by Scotland “the Rangers” with the score 1:2 — the Swiss “young boys” were lower only because out of the box, 2 goals against Porto, although they have the same difference of scored and missed goals, and Feyenoord: -1.

Judging by the predictions of the mathematical system of “five-network-eight”, the team from the Netherlands will be in the playoffs with a probability of only 12%, and unlikely to occupy the first place: the chance is only 3%.

In 6 of their last 8 matches, Feyenoord opened the scoring in the first 4 games he was good: 4 wins in a row with a total score 10:2 and extending the unbeaten run to 9 games in a row — that’s how much the team conducted after the beginning of the season is not yet lost “Rangers” with the score 1:0.

In the next 2 matches “pride of the South” also failed to win and even lost in his field AZ with the score 0:3, but on Sunday again at home defeated Twente 5:1, thus allowing only the 5th game in a row, but also after, 4th of 5 last games at least with 3 goals.


The departure of the Portuguese team out of the Champions League is still in training led to the fact that in the Europa League she is considered one of the main contenders for the trophy, competing with Sevilla, “Arsenal”, “Manchester United”.

Finalist last season, the most successful team in the history of the tournament and “Port” — all of them, according to the forecasts of the website “538”, have the probability to win the trophy by 6%.

So it is understandable why the release of “dragons” in the playoffs appreciate far more likely in 89% and the occupation of first place in group G in 66%. In fact, from the top of the standings and they will start to play in the 2nd round.

After house defeat from “Krasnodar” team from the Iberian Peninsula has won 8 matches in a row, and the last 3 didn’t miss a single goal, although in total they scored only 4 times. However, in all 8 of their previous matches, she opened the score in the first half — and the goal each time was victorious.

The coefficients and forecast

Although the Dutch team is deemed the underdog, the odds of winning the Portuguese do not seem so low:

3.26–3.60: the victory of Feyenoord;
3.53–3.80: draw;
2.00–2.37: victory “Port”.

Both teams seldom matches without scoring goals, but also concede often enough, especially against opponents around the same level or higher.