And bet prediction for the game Estonia — Netherlands, 9 September 2019

Another match today’s busy football day is the match Estonia and the Netherlands. These teams represent the group and goals for the remainder of the training, these teams are completely different.

The Netherlands fight for a spot on the Euro, while Estonia will try to at least not finish in last place. Together, these teams played 4 matches.

In 3 of them the Netherlands confidently beat the Estonians, but in qualifying for the 2014 world Cup Estonia were close even to win over the Netherlands, but van Persie at the last minute he succeeded with a penalty to level the score.

To the word then match with Estonia was the only in the Netherlands, where the team lost points. Will the Estonians do not lose to the Netherlands now?

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  • Estonia
  • Netherlands
  • The coefficients and forecast


Estonia in recent years showed in the qualifications good results. So in qualifying for Euro 2016 Estonians scored 10 points and finished on the 4th place, conceding only 9 goals.

In qualifying for the 2018 world Cup team also took fourth place with 11 points.

But this qualification Estonia failed and the team close to repeating its worst result in qualifying for the Euro, established in 1996, the year when Estonia failed to score any points in 10 rounds.

Now Estonia also “bagel” in the graph points and the chance that Estonia will be able to get at least 1 point nearing zero.

Judge for yourself, Estonia has to play 4 matches, two of them on the home field against the two favorites Germany and the Netherlands, and the away team are waiting for Belarus and the Netherlands the same.

There was a chance for the Estonians to score points against Belarus a few days ago, but Skavysh managed to bring victory to the Belarusians, scoring a goal in the second added minute to the match, leaving Estonia out of business.

Thus, Karel Voolaid, who led the team in early July, is not yet able to record his first victory on the bridge team and there are serious doubts that he will remain the team’s coach after qualification. It is interesting that in his field Estonia have not conceded more than 2 goals in 19 of the last 20 official matches.


The Netherlands recently has considerably added. The team was close to winning in the League of Nations, but narrowly lost to Portugal.

Because of matches in the League of Nations, the Netherlands has played fewer games than the other teams in the group and took a wait and see position. At the moment the Netherlands is in third place, trailing by 3 points from Germany and 6 from Northern Ireland.

But actually the Netherlands is the shadow leader of the group. And all because the Netherlands in the last round victory over Germany with the score 4:2. When you consider that in qualifying the priority in case of equal points are given face-to-face meetings, the Netherlands will overtake the Germans, if the teams gain the same number of points that likely will happen.

Also the Netherlands will have 2 games against Northern Ireland and it is unlikely that the team will lose points.

It is noteworthy that the Netherlands for 11 official away matches can’t keep his goal intact. The match against Estonia is an excellent opportunity to interrupt her.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on TB 3. This rate is not lost in all 4 of personal meetings of these teams. And given that Germany is “shipped” Estonians 8 unanswered goals, easy life between Estonia and the Netherlands clearly not, especially because wards Cumana need to take 3 points in this match no options. Goals in this match will be a lot.