And bet prediction for the game Boston Bruins — new Jersey devils, Dec 28, 2018

If “new Jersey” to begin to escape from last place in the Eastern conference or “Boston” inspired by the return of their best center, Patrice Bergeron, beat for the second time this season, “new Jersey”?

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  • The Boston Bruins
  • New Jersey Devils
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast

The Boston Bruins

Last season, the triple attack of “Boston” Marchand — Bergeron — Pastrnak was the best in the League. They were newdigate, they took down any defense. This season potentially, this combination is capable of many things and may be on the top of threes. Why can be, and is not? The most powerful game in attack now shows a trio of McKinnon, from “Colorado.” Besides, Patrice Bergeron was injured and missed several games. Accordingly, this trio is full, so to speak, combined, was not on the ice. In addition the head coach of the Bruins Bruce Cassidy often breaks the three attacks, putting Pastrnak with Krejci, which is also a well established cooperation. Thus, Cassidy is trying to achieve greater depth of composition, making two strong managers.

But the main thing now for the “Boston” that Patrice Bergeron is back in operation. And in the first match after the break, Bergeron scored 2 goals and made 2 assists. But this match vs no ABA one, but against one of the leaders of the Western conference. That match, “Bear” has won 5:2.

But in the last round away with the “Carolina” slipped, losing 3:5. And Bergeron remained without glasses impact. By the way, Cassidy in these matches blew the team leaders for two triples. Perhaps the defeat in the last round force the coaching staff to change the approach to the formation of triplets and return to being the strongest combination in the first link.

Oh and not to mention that goalie Tuukka Rask against the “Carolina” was unconvincing, 86% of the reflected throws — this is not the level of Finn, who is ranked among the list of top goalies in the League and for the “Boston” it means a lot.

Boston currently occupies the 6th place in the Western conference. In this home games against the Bruins second in the conference with 13 victories in 17 matches and goals difference 63-29. So this season some dependence on home site available. Usually the “Boston” on a visit played no worse than at home. But this season the situation has changed in the TD garden “Bears” are much more convincing look.

With the return of Bergeron from “Boston” must return to a high level of implementation of the majority. Without it, this feature became a bit worse, but nevertheless, Boston still holds a high place on the game in numerical superiority, 5th in the League.

New Jersey Devils

“New Jersey,” hockey fans admired a few days at the start of the season. Enchanting 4 home victories with over-the-top performance. But it is, perhaps, all that can be positive to remember about this team. Thereafter, only occasional bursts of positivity in the results slip. Overall, the team looks unconvincing. Not enough depth in their lineup. Can shoot only three Hall — Palmieri — Hisher. As it was, for example, in the recent victorious match against “Ottawa”.

The match is essentially won one of three. But we should not forget that “Ottawa” has an obvious problem with the defense, where experience is sorely miss.

From “new Jersey” serious problems in defense. Not playing consistently reliable goalkeeper. Cory Schneider this season is a snooze — 9 matches he played and 85% of the reflected shots.

Kate Kincaid is the nominal first, he in this season 29 times appeared in the starting lineup. In the last 4 matches him twice had to change as the game progresses. So it was in the match against “Toronto” (2:7), in the match against “Barcelona” (0:3). Both times went onto the court instead of Kincaid Mackenzie Blackwood. Your cut of the match he spent a good.

Given the above identified circumstances, it is possible the coaching staff will entrust a place in the starting lineup Blackwood. It looks logical, it should also be understood — he’s 22-years and virtually no experience of games in the NHL. On the other hand Kincaid is clearly not in the best condition.

In General, with the goalkeepers all anxious. The more opponents will be the team who loves and knows how to attack. Which is quite cool forwards: Bergeron, Marchand, Pastrnak, Krejci.

“New Jersey” is at the bottom of the Eastern conference. And it also has just horrible statistics away games: 3 wins and 15 defeats.

Personal meetings

This season the teams have met not so long ago. 12 December “Boston” won in the away match 5:3. “New Jersey” in the game was more active in the attack, having put 37 shots on target, but the attack class of “Boston” had an impact.

Last season Boston won 3 of 4 personal meetings.

The coefficients and forecast

“Boston” is to be expected the favorite of the match according to bookmakers. Indeed, the factors speaking in favor of the Bruins much more. They have a great team, returned Bergeron, they have a powerful attack and great majority. The defeat in last round from “Carolina” only further demotiviruet team.

“New Jersey” on season goes lame, so to speak. The team does not have a good goalkeeper. More precisely, potentially is this normal goalkeeper could be Schneider or Kincaid’s, but both just fail the season. Against this attack, as in “Boston” these troubles in the defense can be critical.

Well, you may recall that “new Jersey” on the road, well, not so hot as it looks, in turn, “Boston” this season is very homey.

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