And bet prediction for the game Basel — CARESSES, 7 Aug 2019

As in the earlier match of the 3rd qualifying round of Champions League between “the Church Basaksehir” and Piraeus Olympiakos, participants in another game of the same stage of the qualifying tournament that if you win, that in case of defeat will be in the group stage of the European Cup. The only question is what the European Cup.

The winner will continue to play in the Champions League and get into the playoffs qualification, and if I win there will be in the Champions League group, if you lose, will play in the Europa League group stage. The losing team will be in the group LE for next week and the playoff selection to the 2nd tournament won’t be held.

The contents

  • Basel
  • LUSK
  • The coefficients and forecast


The Swiss team regularly participates in the final of the European Cup, so did not see her last season nor in the group stage of the Champions League or the Europa League group was unusual — from the Champions League it flew back in the 2nd round of qualifying from the Greek PAOK, and out of the playoffs LE it beat Cyprus “Apollo”.

This year Basel definitely going to some European group, despite the fact that to become the champion of Switzerland, he again failed 2 times in a row, “young boys” took the gold medal, beating the competition by 20 points.

After completion of the previous campaign “red-blue” spent a few friendlies and the new season began with performances in the super League, where defeated “Anji” with the score 1:4, then losing to PSV in the Champions League on away 3:2.

This pair of goals allowed then to win with a score 2:1 thanks to the advantage on away goals to knock the Dutch team out of the tournament.

Between the matches of the 2nd round of selection Basel managed to lose a “St. Gallen” 1:2, and then beat Thun 2:3. In the end, he conceded and scored in each of the previous 7 fights, and in each of the 10-and the last was at least 3 goals.


Easy to get used to the fact that in the Austrian League ball rules the Salzburg Red bull, but for the 2nd year in a row in the qualification of the European Cup team goes from Linz. Last season, she departed from the 3rd round of the Europa League, but could not get that to LE, and even in the Champions League.

This was facilitated by the changing structure of the Austrian Bundesliga, where after 22 rounds the table was divided into 2 halves: one was fighting for the championship and exit in European competition and the other for survival. LUSK took 2nd place in the championship group.

After a successful season, the team played a few friendlies, made in the Cup and played a couple of matches in the Bundesliga, so it’s never lost any of their last 6 matches and have won the last 3 with a total score of 11:2.

The coefficients and forecast

Despite the successes of the past and the new season, FOREPLAY is considered to be the underdog:

1.5–1.6: the victory of “Basel”;
4.0–4.4: draw;
5.0–5.4: victory SEX.

The chances of an exit in the playoffs of the Austrian team are also not the highest:

1.4–1.6: the passage of “Basel”;
2.4–2.6: pass CARESSES.

In previous matches we’ve put in goals for both teams and not sure that this time we should do otherwise. Double the outcome in favor of the hosts appreciate the low ratios, but with OZ it works fine.

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