And bet prediction for the game Barys — Lokomotiv, 20 December 2018

5-I team East (“Barys”) against the 4th team of the West (“locomotive”). While the “Barys” it is more points, 54 to 49, and that’s despite the fact, leopards have played a game less. Usually these rivals win the masters. As will be this time?

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  • Barys
  • Locomotive
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast


The “Barys” in November was a failure in results, which is associated primarily with massive injuries to key players. Now, almost all fit again and the team started to show good hockey.

In the infirmary only remains Brandon Bochenski. Yes, he could still strengthen the leopards, but before the New year, it obviously will not appear in the composition.

Before the break for the Eurotour “Barys” played pretty well the far Eastern exit. Still 2 wins in 3 matches at this hard away is a good result.

After the resumption of the regular season “Barys” played houses with “Severstal”. A well-rolled bars and impressive statistics of shots on target, 59-13. In the first period was 24-3 in shots. The puck, however, were reluctant at the gate Dominic Furga that tonight was a warmup.

Having the advantage only in the middle of the second period “Barys” was able to open an account. In the end, won 3:0.

After the collapse of the three North American Bochenski-Boyd-Dawes to the “Barys” many experts are skeptical. After all, a worthy replacement for these players is difficult to pick up. But this season signed Legionnaires cool part and shows a cool game.

Patrice Cormier

Andre Pettersson, Cormier and walk — it is primarily about them. If Pettersson is not the first year playing in the KHL, then Cormier and walk debuted in the League and very worthy. It is worth noting that Cormier was quite possible to expect such a debut, after all, people in the NHL after several seasons spent.

In General, the “Barys” now in composition is highly competitive and formidable in attack.


About the “Locomotive” there were concerns early in the season. They were associated with the management of the team. Dmitry Kvartalnov did not like to work, forcing him to players that he didn’t ask. But during the season everything seems normal at the railroad.

Special note talented and seeking to show themselves young people. But now Lokomotiv is clearly on the decline. Before the break for the Eurotour team 2 games in a row: home “Jokerit” 0:3 and in the “torpedo” 2:4.

The center of the first link Andrei Loktionov in matches for the national team got injured and the match of the last tour in Novosibirsk missed. Without it completely broke the game shock the first link. As a result — defeat “Siberia” 2:4.

In General, now is not a good situation in “the Locomotive”. The team is not enough depth of the composition to the rotation. Experienced players, feeling that they belong in the starting lineup, provided in any case, do not modify. The youth is not stable and she has so much trust in.

Personal meetings

“Barys” — “Locomotive” — 4:3
The Locomotive” — “Barys” — 4:1
“Barys” — “Locomotive” — 1:8
“The Locomotive”
— “Barys” — 7:1
— “Locomotive” — 6:1
“The Locomotive” — “Barys” — 5:0
“The Locomotive” — “Barys” — 5:3

Please note that statistically matches these rivals a clear advantage to the hosts.

The coefficients and forecast

Bookmakers put almost equal odds for on that basis, finding it difficult for anyone to give favorite status. We believe that the favorite of this match is “Barys”, which is clearly in better condition going into this match. And not to forget about domestic superiority in this pair.

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