And bet prediction for the game Barys — Admiral, 24 Dec 2018

Will the main outsider of the East, “Admiral” won a second victory in a row, giving their local success to a certain seriality, or “Barys” after the failure of “the Locomotive” played in full on “sailors”?

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  • Barys
  • Admiral
  • The coefficients and forecast


“Barys” in the last round lost in home match Yaroslavl “locomotive” with the account 1:2. This defeat was interrupted by a two-match win streak. After the match against the railwaymen is not to say that “Barys” played badly. No, normally the team played. Just this evening more fortunate rival.

After this defeat, the players of “Barys” has to be sporty and more evil and try to return to the path of victories. Overall the team this season the game is going well and deservedly the team headed by Andrei Skabelka included in the zone playoffs in the East and sits quite firmly.

Good foreign players were signed, especially like Cormier. Pettersson in the last game played below his potential, but he’s a sniper with experience in the KHL, and from it we should expect more efficient game in the end of attacks.


“Admiral” since the end of last season, began this history with budget optimisation. It all started with the sale of their leaders, even the staff was reduced for the benefit of the optimization. Of course, no signings more or less important had not been done. Here with the current wages would understand. Not once many experts have noted that the “Admiral” level team of the KHL.

However, this team in the last round managed to beat the “Siberia” 4:1.

“Siberia” in this season is not that in the old days. However, in recent times, Siberia gained well and even started to be creepy the top 8. But the sailors stopped them a bit. Perhaps “Siberia” and underestimated the opponent. But “Admiral” won the match on the right. The sailors were better — a victory well deserved.

But on some tournament accomplishments to talk sense. “Admiral” closes the table in the East and a playoff team does not Shine. Unless, of course, will not happen any miracles in the form of the arrival of Crosby and McDavid in this port city.

The best players of “Admiral” are Glazachev, Chernikov, Skates, shooters. With such a roster you can only rely on anecdotal successes. 38 games and 9 similar success was recorded at the moment.

The coefficients and forecast

In terms of determining the favorite of this match bookies any doubts not observed. The victory of “Barys” is a low coefficient of 1.35. But the victory of the “Admiral” is estimated at around 7. Hardly “Barys” will suffer a second defeat in a row, especially a home, and even against a team inferior to them in class.

“Admiral” against “Siberia” played actively in the attack, we can expect this style of play in this match. So we can expect open hockey. We believe that the best choice for the bet will be over goals of the owners more.

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