And bet prediction for the game Azerbaijan — Croatia, September 9, 2019

The first match this Monday in the framework of the 6th round of qualifying for the European Championship 2020 will be held between Azerbaijan and Croatia is the underdog and the favorite in group E. To the beginning of the match distance between the teams is 9 points. If the home team again will lose points in the game with the world Vice-Champions, it will no longer be able to catch them in the standings.

The contents

  • Azerbaijan
  • Croatia
  • The coefficients and forecast


Before the start of the 6th round Azerbaijani team is on 5th place in the standings of group E, consisting of 5 teams. In 4 previous qualifying match, the Caucasian team did not win a single point and established status as the main outsider of the group, what was it before the start of UEFA Euro.

Of course, in such circumstances, Azerbaijan is considered the underdog to win over the Vice-world champion, despite the fact that stands in his field. Croatia beat Azerbaijan players in the first round, then face-to-face meeting ended with the score 2:1 and the beginning of an interesting trend in games of “land of fire”.

Azerbaijan has lost all 4 previous matches of the qualifying round, but each of them scored one goal. This trend in the 5th round allowed him to pass bet with odds of 3.0, but not the fact that they crank out the same again.

Because the Azerbaijani national team is playing in a group where you play 5 players, one of the previous rounds she had to miss when she met with the Lithuanian team and not scored.

Friendly match with Lithuania ended in a goalless draw and broke a series of defeats Azerbaijan, but extended the series without a victory — now it consists of 6 matches. Besides, that game with the players from the Baltic States was the only one of their last 6, which was less than 3 goals.


Vice-champion of world dramatically was made in the League of Nations, but in the qualifying tournament of Euro 2020, while there is the right way: won 3 from 4 matches and lost only turned out to be the main competitors from Hungary with the score 2:1.

Like Azerbaijan, Croatia have scored in each of the 4 rounds of qualifying. The similarities continued until last week because the finalists of last year’s world Cup all meetings in the selection process ended with the score 2:1 and thus missed, however, Slovakia has set up and allowed to score own goal 4 unanswered goals.

Generally friendly match for Croatia, in the order of the norm: in all last 9 games with their participation were not scored less than 3 goals, and the “checkers” scored and conceded in 7 of them, including a friendly match against the Tunisian national team, which they conducted when we conceded the 4th round.

The coefficients and forecast

After the success in the world Cup, the Croats seem to have about the same chances to win against Azerbaijanis, how much would the Spaniards or the Germans:

12-17: the victory of the national team of Azerbaijan;
6.0–6.8: draw;
1.2–1.3: the victory of the national team of Croatia.

Croatia is hardly a team with an organized defense, and for Azerbaijan it is almost the last chance to get into the final of the next Euros.