And bet prediction for the game AZ — Manchester United, October 3, 2019

After the first match of the 2nd round of the group stage of the Europa League, which will play Kazakhstan “Astana” and Serbian “Partisans”, will meet another couple of members of the group L: Dutch “Alkmaar of Sunstroke”, or just ONE, and English “Manchester United”.

The contents

  • Alkmaar Zaanstreek
  • Manchester United
  • The coefficients and forecast

Alkmaar Zaanstreek

The Dutch team started to play in the Europa League from the 2nd qualification round, so on the way to the group stage managed to leave behind a Board of tournament 3 opponents from different countries. Will not be surprising if the results of this stage of the Europa representatives of Alkmaar who play in the Hague, will be in the playoffs.

According to a mathematical predictive model, “five-network-eyt”, it is “Alkmaar Zaanstreek” is considered the favorite for the class 2nd place in the group provided that “Manchester United” is expected to occupy the first. The probability that the team of Benelux, finishing 2nd, is 37%, and its output is then give 46%.

Therefore, do not find it surprising why the home team won in bookmakers such low odds on who will play against them.

Despite such a good chance to leave behind the Europa League in addition, the Kazakh and Serbian competitors, with the latest “cheese farmers” played a draw 2:2 in the first round, although the pair of goals scored away goals and defeat of Nur-Sultan allowed the Dutch team to take 2nd place in the group.

Given the European Cup draw “Alkmaar Zaanstreek” has not lost any of their previous 5 matches in all competitions and have won their last 3, and beat Feyenoord — a participant in the LE, and never missed, even though among the 7 matches of the team until this Thursday at 5 and were at least 3 goals.

Manchester United

The English team is not that favorite for the occupation of first place in the group, and the main favorite for winning the trophy of the Europa League. According to the same prognostic data “538”, the team of OLE Gunnar sulsher with a probability of 9% will win the finals again and win the tournament.

According to the forecasts, “Manchester United” claims to qualify for the playoffs with a probability of 96% and, most likely, the first place in the standings: 84%.

2-first round red devils will really start in the first place, because only in the group won the first round, but in the meantime in the English Premier League they had the worst start to a season in 30 years.

In addition, despite the fact that in 5 of the previous 6 matches involving Manchester United haven’t scored more than 2 goals, the team with the Albion missed the last 3, at least 5 times in 6 games before you opened the account.

The coefficients and forecast

The Dutch team really got low odds on their victory, so careful of the odds in her favor not to find:

2.96–3.40: victory “Alkmaar of Sunstroke”;
3.30–3.47: draw;
2.25–2.38: victory “Manchester United”.

Such factors, however, allow you to bet on double chance in favor of the guests, but for bigger wins — to add a bet of at least a couple of goals per game.