And bet prediction for the game Armenia — Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 8, 2019

This Sunday will start the 6th round of qualifying for the European Championship, and in his first match the Armenian team will play against the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Both teams are in group J, where there are 6 teams, so they will start the 2nd round of the qualification. This means that the Armenians and Bosnians in this year played against each other — face-to-face meeting on the Balkans in March ended with the score 2:1.

The contents

  • Armenia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The coefficients and forecast


The Armenian team will start 6th round of the qualifying tournament with a 4th place in the table of J, but to finish it maybe on the 3rd position, which is just the same, Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in front by one point: 7 guests vs 6-and the home team.

Like Finland, Armenia in the qualification just won a victory and suffered defeat, but did so less efficiently, eventually gaining half the points than competitors from Northern Europe. For this reason, it is important to earn points now, otherwise the selection will end soon and places will remain.

However, despite the fact that the position outside the top 2 does not guarantee an exit in a final part of Euro 2020, while the Armenians are in the position that allows to pass there through the playoffs is due to the fact that Finland, together with Bosnia and Herzegovina won the group in the League of Nations.

Although Armenia has a negative goal difference is -1, in the previous 5 matches she scored only in the gate of Finland.

Goals, both teams ended the previous face-to-face meeting of the team of Bosnia and Herzegovina — all in 7 of their last 8 matches with participation of players from the Caucasian countries haven’t scored less than 3 goals.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The team from the Balkan Peninsula ahead of the Armenian team at one point, although the goal difference is she’s more essential: +3. However, she also won only 2 matches of UEFA Euro 2020 from 5 the difference did victory in an internal meeting and home draw 2:2 with Greece.

As Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina all the last 5 matches held in the qualifying for the European Championship and only in the last of them, against the outsider of the group Liechtenstein, she did not miss, and before that series without dry games lasted 5 matches in a row, the team until Thursday could not win in 3 games.

But now the representatives of South-Eastern Europe have the opportunity to get closer to Finland before she will play against Italy, over a distance of 2 points, and then to knock out a place in the finals of Euro directly and not to play in the playoffs.

But even if you pass do not succeed, a fallback option thanks to the victory in group B division in the League of Nations — the Finns have this same privilege.

The coefficients and forecast

As Bosnians, Armenians in the selection process not scored only the Finns, but still considered underdogma to win in the home match:

3.6–4.0: the victory of the Armenian team;
3.55–3.75 / draw;
1.9–2.0: the victory of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If teams do not score each other again and not break the over 2.5 goals will be a bit of a surprise — the match seems perfect this rate.