A review of the match Kvitova – barti, 1-2, 27.03.2019

The only fight women in today’s evening game day program courts at the masters in Miami was a meeting between the 2nd-ranked Czech Petra Kvitova and Australian Ashleigh Barty, who is in the world ranking at the 11th place, which played to the semi-finals.

The match was expected with great interest, since both players play good on hard, know the strengths and weaknesses of each other, since already this year, twice between the time to play.

Little mistress meeting was Kvitova, which of the previous 4 meetings between players won, 2 of which were just this year on hard. Today for the first time Barty was able to beat the Czech tennis player, being able to withstand physically, first and foremost, a very difficult match, while Petra just in time for the deciding set was not enough, although after winning the second, it seemed that the initiative already has it and then win it for sure will not miss.

The contents

  • The statistical picture of the match
  • Video game review, best moments
  • Game overview
  • The first set
  • The second set
  • The third set
  • Conclusions and prospects of women’s tennis

The statistical picture of the match

If you analyze the statistical indicators of this meeting, the special and the benefits of one of the tennis players are hard to find. Kvitova has completed 5 innings on the flight with the same number of double faults, to which Barty replied 4 aces with 6 double faults. The rate of successful first serves tennis players got the same and made up 62%, only the first serve the Czech won 65% of his hands, and the Australian as much as 75%. On the second flow indices of points was a bit better at Petra’s, which is 39% of draws won, whereas Ashley only 32.

Better barti was sold breakpoints, making 5 breaks with 8 breakpoints, whereas Kvitova was able to make 4 break with 10 breakpoints. Actively points out more of Petra, but its large number of unforced errors she was blocked up in the negative overall balance.

Video game review, best moments

Game overview

It is worth noting that one of the main trumps of barti in this meeting were the slices, which she really tortured today Kvitova, the Czech had no chance to attack, and could only respond with or try with the forehand somehow reverse cross play. Australian unusually low went to the net, but there it just feels very comfortable. Peter most of the points gained at the expense of his crown a one-handed forehand, but a few times and decently was gathered with a two-handed backhand.

More activity we have seen to be predictable, whereas the Australian deliberately built their defensive game, realizing that the power bumps it won’t compete with Peter that in the end finally brought her ultimate success.

The first set

In the first game of Kvitova might lead to a break, but from the account 40-15 on serve Barty to win it failed in the end. But still, the first break succeeded the Czech, and she did it in the 5th game, leading 3-2. That’s true, off Ashley the Czech did not immediately answered back with a break, using a single breakpoint. Continue to the end of the set both securely filed, although when the score was 6-5, the Australian had the supply of Petra one set point, but not implemented.

In the end, the fate of the set was decided at tie-break, where the Czech was leading 4-1,then 5-2 and eventually lost it 6-8.

The second set

After a disappointing losing the tiebreak was to be expected that Peter at the start of the second set sail, but the opposite happened. She played very collected and was able to immediately win the first pitch Barty, sweep 3-0. But, in 2 game, the Australian was able lost the game to return, making the score 2-3. Decisive was the 6th game, when submitted Ashley, where she was able at first to fight back from 15-40 account, without even gambol one, but in the end has the feed lost. Next is Kvitova its not missed, winning the set in the end 6-3.

The third set

In the 3rd set already, on the contrary, immediately the initiative in their hands took Barty, managing to win the first pitch Kvitova, and led 3-0. But the Czech managed 2 games to seize the initiative, making the score 2-3. Unfortunately, beyond some very inexplicable failure in the game the Czechs had happened and she has lost 3 consecutive games, 2 of them on his serve, winning them only 1 point, which led to the loss in the end of the decisive set with a score of 2-6, with the latter points, the Australian won at the expense of double faults of the opponent.

Conclusions and prospects of women’s tennis

The match has wholly justified all expectations, having passed in equal fight, with lots of beautiful drawings and spectacular attacks from both opponents.

Barty just more strength left, as it turned out, at the very end of the final set, in which Kvitova she gave everything, and have deprived themselves of the chance to become the Monday of the 1st racket of the world. Ashley’s moves on and will play in the semifinals with the Estonian Annet Kontaveit.

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