A review of the match Isner – Edmund, 2-0, 26.03.2019

One of the first today your match of 1/8 finals at hard-court Masters in Miami and spent his last year’s winner American John Isner, whose opponent was a British tennis player Kyle Edmund. It was 3 a meeting between the tennis players on tour, one of which was played just on hard in 2016 at the US Open, which is stronger in 4 sets turned out to be British.

In this match the bookies could not find the favourites, giving almost equal odds that it was quite justified because on fast courts both can apply and most likely the fate of the match would be decided on tipakh.

So it eventually happened, although breaks in the match we saw, from both sides, but they were not in different sets, and in one. The winner of the match there was an American, famous for the ability just 13th games successfully hold, which he proved in this match, while Kyle may only himself to blame for that lost.

The contents

  • The statistical picture of the match
  • Video game review, best moments
  • Game overview
  • The first set
  • The second set
  • The insights and perspectives of tennis

The statistical picture of the match

Quite expectedly, both the player of the match was bet on his serve, Isner has performed 17 aces with only 1 double fault, to which Edmund replied 10 aces with 2 double faults. Percentages of first filing was better than the American, and 79% with which he won 81% of his hands. Kyle is the first ball fell from 62% with which he won 71% of his hands. On the second serve effectively operated the Briton, who won 64% of the balls, but Isner turned to leave only 47% of the balls.

Both showed hundred percent implementation breakpoints, making the first chance a break.

The bracket 2 has performed more than Isner, he turned 26, and Edmund was 24. But unforced errors American made 26, but the British 16. To the net much more often left John, but the effectiveness of these outputs was weak. Only 4 points won from the 12 outputs, while Kyle 4 times out and all the jokes made in their favor.

Video game review, best moments


Game overview

The course of the match players with such powerful flows expected before it began, though in their meeting on hard with the game was with the breaks and tie-breaker was just one of the 4 sets played. Everyone tried to hold his serve and the ability to cling at the reception. But, without failure, a meeting has not managed, and these failures fell on one set and, interestingly, the games were played dry that it’s hard to imagine the guys with such powerful serves.

Protracted jokes were few, and unsurprisingly most of them quite expected was won by Edmund, which is still a big Arsenal of blows with the back of the line, and proved that in this meeting. Though, just at the crucial draws Isner was more stable, and it helped him to win. With access to the grid John had trouble full today that could result in defeat and even. Both earned more points with the forehand, although sometimes the British were very cool shot two-handed backhand down the line.

The first set

The match went according to a predictable scenario, both confidently held his serve, and prerequisites particular to the breaks were not even.

But in the 6th game Kyle frankly ruined his serve, which never filed the first ball and Isner took advantage of this excellent, making a seemingly decisive break, which cemented his confident on his serve and took the lead 5-2. But apparently in games American the fate of some to be tibiacam and in the 9th game he and Sunny could not normally otpadaet, also dry, like the British losing your game.

In the end, all came to the 13th game, where Edmund was leading constantly into account breaks, 4-1, 5-4 and then had 2 of their submission, which could complete the set in their favor. But in the end, they lost both their feeder and tie-breaker in the end 5-7.

The second set

In the second set all went according to the scenario that was expected from before the match, 12 games a single breakpoint we never saw what led the players to the second tie-break. As he was going a completely different scenario than the first. To the middle of any mini-break was not, but the ending again Edmund failed, losing with the score 3-4, two flow, and one playing very offensively, stopping the game due to fan outcry about out, for which he was scored a loss of points. For the match Isner was filed by the ACE and no chance Kyle left.

The insights and perspectives of tennis

Nothing new in this meeting, we saw John won in his trademark style without showing some impressive games on the back line.

When the game is already in the quarterfinals, the chances of an American to pass on will not be large, since there most likely will have to play against Serbia ‘s Novak Djokovic, well able that to trace the mesh that make the flow of Isner.

Edmund also had a good tournament as a whole than can be satisfied.

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