A review of the match Federer — Anderson, 2-0, 29.03.2019

In the confrontation between Swiss Roger Federer and South African Kevin Anderson has defined the second semifinalist of the bottom of the grid at the Masters in Miami. Earlier on our site You can see the forecast for this meeting, which was victorious and where all the nuances of this confrontation was dismantled.

I must say that Anderson’s Swiss very uncomfortable opponent is. Before this meeting, on hard courts he lost all 4 games, with a single set out there couldn’t win.

Therefore, the bookies doubt the victory of Roger was, especially after his confident win over Medvedev in the 1/8 finals, while Anderson spent only his first tournament after a 2-month break and with rivals on the grid he was lucky. He reached the quarter-finals for Kevin is already a great result and this match was to test his willingness at the moment.

In the end it was all over once dry with the victory of Federer, and the struggle began only in the second set and due to the fact that Roger previously believed in an easy victory and I lost focus a bit. Anderson is clearly far from the form of last season in which he reached the final of Wimbledon, where just his only victory over the Swiss and won.

The contents

  • The statistical picture of the match
  • Video game review, best moments
  • Game overview
  • The first set
  • The second set
  • The insights and perspectives of tennis

The statistical picture of the match

If you look for the reasons for such account a major defeat Anderson in the statistics, then, then you need to pay first attention to the proportion of winning balls Kevin on the second pitch, which was only 33%, namely, 11 of the 33 jokes only he could win. And this despite the fact that the first pitch he hit for himself with a low percentage of 56, which won 60% of draws. Aces like himself, South African has performed little, only 4 ACE at the same number of double.

A feed just for Anderson and is one of the main arguments in the game, especially against such masters of technique as Federer.

Roger first ball hit with a 60%, which won as many as 80% of the rounds. The second, of course, not everything was good, only 53% of the balls he left behind. On the flight three filed Swiss, committing 2 double faults. Interestingly, Anderson showed 100% implementation of breakpoints, making his only break from the first breakpoint, while Roger was 13 breakpoints, of which he is in breaks and was able to bring 5.

Active points is to be expected to get more from the winner of the match, but made more unforced losers.

Video game review, best moments

Game overview

Struggle in this meeting could occur only if Kevin was consistently served the first ball, the aces would perform consistently. But, in this respect on current form Anderson to this was not ready, as shown by the match. Tried the South African grid to go, but there’s more lost than won, an abscess on the perfect stroke stroke from Federer. Roger played very variable, tried to drive overall opponent around the court, forcing him to play in the movement that Kevin is doing poorly.

With half of summer today, the Swiss private attacks simply performed masterpiece.

The first set

The first set was the fastest of all the sets that were played in the confrontation of these players. It was difficult to imagine how Anderson with his gun supply can play a zero set, but it happened. Already in the first game Roger was able to hold on at the reception, and Kevin was obviously nervous and were caught, which led to the first break. The Swiss served with no chance of losing 3 serve to only 4 points in total. The second break Federer did as well, after the score of 40-40, but the third is generally dry. As a result, in 27 minutes, the Swiss took a 1-0 lead in sets.

The second set

The second set began the same scenario as the first. Immediately in the first game Federer managed to take the opponent’s serve in a protracted game where Kevin had 3 gambala, and the Swiss missed 2 of the 3 breakpoints.

It seemed that after that the intrigue in this fight will not, but Anderson managed to wait for a gift from Roger and in the 6th game from the first breakpoint evened the score 3-3.

In the Wake of such a local success, the South African under zero has won his serve for the first time took the lead. But, the bigger his opponent, the Swiss not allowing, aligning the score in the next game, and then made the decisive break in the prolonged game of the match where it was 3 gambola Kevin 4 unrealized breakpoint Federer.

The flow of the match Roger was executed perfectly, not losing her any points.

The insights and perspectives of tennis

What I expected before the match, got in his way. If Roger is not given the slack in the second set, you could to win it even more simply.

Hardly anyone has the Swiss will be able to stop on the way to victory in this tournament.

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